A double bill of talks from Jon P Smith.

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'From developer to CTO and back to developer – what I learnt along the way'.
In this session Jon Smith will talk about how to grow your software developing abilities. He will cover the different skills you need to gain as you progress in your career, how to make yourself more useful/employable to companies and how to find the right job/role for you. His reflections come form 40 years of working in technology where he was a developer, manager, CTO and came back to his first love, programming, in 2009.

'An introduction to Domain-Driven Design, with examples from Entity Framework Core'.
Eric Evans book Domain-Driven Design (DDD) says on page 4 "The heart of software is its ability to solve domain-related (business-related) problems for the users.”. But for us developers it’s sometimes hard to see where and how to apply DDD in our projects. In this talk Jon will give you examples of how he has applied DDD in real-world applications, especially using Entity Framework Core, with his impressions of how hard/useful each DDD feature is to use.

Jon Smith is an Independent back-end senior developer with special focus the .NET Core and Azure. He wrote book "Entity Framework Core in Action” and author of series on ASP.NET Core authorisation, which he spoke about at NDC OSLO 2019. His tech blog can be found at https://www.thereformedprogrammer.net/.