• Marketing, Analytics & Data Summit - Outreach Digital 5th & 6th Anniversary


    Since 2015 we have become the LARGEST Meetup group (and one of the very first in London) to discuss and share knowledge about digital marketing, analytics and data!

    Five years later, the world looks different: AI is everywhere now. More people work in the gig economy. GDPR and regulation try to protect us. New channels keep popping up.. Where are we headed, and how can we prepare?

    To celebrate our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY, we are lining up an AMAZING constellation of industry stars who will discuss a number of trends and innovations in digital.


    - Hannah Thorpe, Business Director at Found. (Keynote)
    - Magalie Belmo, Senior Launch Marketing Manager at Amazon
    - Stefan Marcus, Digital Lead Babybel & Laughing Cow

    Found Digital Offices,
    1 Lindsey St,
    EC1A 9HP
    Closest stations: Barbican & Farringdon

    *Who should join?*
    Anyone who works (or is interested) in any area related to digital marketing, analytics, data science, digital products and digital tech.

    *Want to be a speaker?*
    Get in touch with the event hosts here on Meetup and suggest a topic (or two) that you wish to present.

    All Outreach Digital events are organized by pro bono volunteers during their free-time, after working hours, and we choose venues that offer to host us for free. That is a lot of goodwill and thoughtfulness, but because we are no business nor is this our occupation, we kindly ask that by participating you agree to understand the simplicity and limits of our initiative. Despite our best efforts and to date, we are in no way liable for any risk, damage or disappointment that may result from our activities. It is your responsibility to check the date and time before arriving and to enable automatic group notifications on your Meetup profile settings so you are always notified of any changes.

    Pictures and video may be taken to promote our activities on Meetup and other online media. If you wish to be censored for any reason, kindly inform the event organiser. We look forward to seeing you there! Remember to RSVP.