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In the PM. Get some laughter, support & info at our next Divorce Diaries Meetup
You are invited to join a wonderful group of high vibe women at all different stages of break up, getting unmarried or uncoupled process who are choosing to reclaim their inner power and move forward into the next chapter of their lives with grace and clarity. You will have a chance to connect and be surrounded by other ladies who "just get it." The value of bringing women together in this way has already proven very powerful and much needed. While in this group, you are free to be exactly where you are at in the process and also learn valuable and applicable information on relevant topics such as communication, relationships, legal tips, feminine power, law of attraction, our sensuality, coparenting, boundaries etc. RSVP required for address. $20 Cash or venmo/paypal is accepted. Coffee and refreshments served. For this informal group, please bring something to write with and be on time. Here is what another Divorcée Diairies regular has to say about this fantastic group: What was your overall experience in participating in your recent divorcee diaries meet up? The group is a wonderful mix of upbeat, diverse women with one thing in common: They're all working through the emotional baggage associated with divorce. Everyone's story is unique and we all find strength and support from each other. What did you like about the way Daniella facilitates Divorcée Diaries? Daniella is a warm, encouraging and compassionate advisor who is a great listener. She is NOT, however, the least bit shy about noting someone's quirky mindset and she plainly pinpoints any erroneous thinking she detects ... in a loving and sensitive manner. Daniella is generous with counsel on how to climb out of self-sabotaging words, thoughts and actions and is wholly available to work with members to help them triumph over their challenging situations. Did you have any takeaways? Was this group specifically helpful for you personally? The group is a great place for us to dump our trash. There is no judgment, no condemnation and no weirdness ... no matter how horrendous the accounts shared happen to be. The group has specifically helped me realize that no matter how much emotional darkness I experienced in my failed marriage I can choose to rise above the negativity and propel myself forward. What was your favorite thing about the meetup? Oddly, the group, though it consists of women undergoing some pretty harsh circumstances, is a fun collection of upbeat, positive women. And if they're not that way when they get there, they will be when they leave. Would you recommend this group to others going through all different stages of the transition of getting un-married? Yes, unless they happen to be women who enjoy wallowing in their junk. For those of us who want to climb out of our crap heap victoriously, this is where we go to learn how. Are you planning on attending another group in the future? Yes Any further comments or suggestions you would like Daniella to be aware of? Really appreciate Daniella's supportive energy and constructive approach. -Mo PS, If you haven't already, I invite you to join our closed private group Divorcée Diaries on FB where you will get exclusive videos and content. Hope to see you in the FB group and in person soon Welcome to your new next chapter! Love and Light, Daniella Bloom, MA. LMFT Transformational Speaker, The Divorcee's Success Coach on Men, Money and Manifesting Hidden Dreams

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Are you newly-divorced or broken-up? Do you wish you had known then, what you know now? Would you like to connect to other like-minded high-vibe women you can relate too? If you wish to get to know the forgotten parts of just who you are underneath this major life transition and want to get back on track in life and love, then join Divorce Diaries: A Transformational Group To Re-empower Strong Women!

Often we are being held back by our own stories, or stories created by others. When your true blocks are exposed and shifted, you will be back ON TRACK to your FULL POTENTIAL again. As a divorcing mother of three, long-time therapist and coach, I have seen it all and been through it myself!

One of my joys is in helping people find the way through, even when life is not perfect! You ARE capable of more than you know!

With honesty, creative exercises, and some humor, there is nothing like the power of a group dynamic to gain the support, inspiration and accountability you need to get you back on track to your full potential in life and love again.

"Let's Drop The Facade and Share What' REAL!"

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