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Docker Online Meetup #32: Docker 1.10

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We’re pleased to announce Docker 1.10, jam-packed with stuff you’ve been asking for! Join us for this online meetup with Ben Firshman and Dongluo Chen as they discuss what's new in Docker 1.10.

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It’s now much easier to define and run complex distributed apps with Docker Compose. The power that Compose brought to orchestrating containers is now available for setting up networks and volumes. On your development machine, you can set up your app with multiple network tiers and complex storage configurations, replicating how you might set it up in production. You can then take that same configuration from development, and use it to run your app on CI, on staging, and right through into production. Check out the blog post about the new Compose file to find out more (

Docker 1.10 is a huge leap forward for container security. All the big security features you’ve been asking for are now available to use: user namespacing for isolating system users, seccomp profiles for filtering syscalls, and an authorization plugin system for restricting access to Engine features. Check out the blog post for all the details (

Another big security enhancement is that image IDs now represent the content that is inside an image, in a similar way to how Git commits represent the content inside commits. This means you can guarantee that the content you’re running is what you expect by just specifying that image’s ID. When upgrading to Engine 1.10, there is a migration process that could take a long time, so take a read of the documentation if you want to prevent downtime (

WHEN: Wednesday, February 10 at 9:00 PST / 17:00 CET



Ben Firshman, Director of Product Management at Docker, Inc.

Dongluo Chen, Software Engineer at Docker, Inc.

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