Infinit: Modern Storage Platform for Container Environments

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Date and time: Wednesday, December 14,[masked]:00 am PST

Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)

Title: Modern Storage Platform for Container Environments

Providing state to applications in Docker requires a backend storage component that is both scalable and resilient in order to cope with a variety of use cases and failure scenarios. The Infinit Storage Platform has been designed to provide Docker applications with a set of interfaces (block, file and object) allowing for different tradeoffs. This talk will go through the design principles behind Infinit and demonstrate how the platform can be used to deploy a storage infrastructure through Docker containers in a few command lines.

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Speaker: Julien Quintard, CEO Infinit

Julien Quintard is leading the development of the Infinit Storage Platform. Prior to Infinit, he was a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, researching the possibility to rely on millions of untrustworthy computers (Byzantine fault tolerance) to provide a reliable storage service (POSIX-compliant file system) in a completely decentralized way (peer-to-peer).

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