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A group based on furthering JavaScript along with DoneJS, StealJS, CanJS and DocumentJS development in Silicon Valley. Learn from people who developed the technology. Share your experiences, opinions and questions with fellow JS superheroes!

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StealJS Overview and Walkthrough - Full Day Training
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Get an overview of StealJS (http://stealjs.com/) and use it to build a multi-page progressively loaded site, that uses hot-module swapping.

In this training, we will go through DoneJS's module loader - StealJS (http://stealjs.com/). Module loaders help organize a projects scripts and build into minified scripts that load in production quickly. StealJS works with any other framework or technology.

We'll StealJS to:

- Setup a project from scratch.

- Install and import other packages from npm, including jQuery.

- Make and test a mini application.

- Create modules in the ES6, CommonJS, and AMD formats.

- Organize your modules using the modlet workflow (http://blog.bitovi.com/modlet-workflows/) - adding tests, docs, and demo pages.

- Build your application to production.

- Export modules to other formats and publish your module to NPM.

I will schedule this meetup when there are 15 people signed up. Please sign up only if you intend to go.

Windows Users

Please install the following pre-requisites prior to attending: http://stealjs.com/docs/guides.ContributingWindows.html . If you are having problems, please come prior to 10am so I can help you get setup.

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