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Abraham-Hicks Wallingford Meetup @ Mickilicious HOST: Nicole

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This is an interactive, discussion based event. Our intention is to uplift ourselves and each other – that is, to leave feeling better than when we arrived. To this end, we will use a variety of Abe-ish tools at our disposal, depending upon what feels most appropriate and effective in the moment.

Each event will be different and tailored to that particular group's 'in-the-moment' vibrational stance. Some of the things we've done in the past include:

Sharing success stories, "beating the drum" of our own power and inspiring each other Using the strength of a group of focusers to point us in the vibrational direction we want to be headed Playing light-hearted games that foster appreciation, joy, laughter and fun Laying vibrational, energetic grids and pre-paving Having guided visualizations and virtual reality imaginings Sharing particularly inspiring Abraham quotes or audio clips Opening ourselves to interaction with non-physical This is an accepting group of fun people. The interactive discussion often devolves into a laugh-fest! We really go with what feels good in the moment and follow our own guidance and inspiration.