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What we’re about

Who we are:

We are a free-flowing group of funny, funny people! 

We are appreciators of Abraham and their teachings, lovers of fun and laughter and success and manifestation, and choosers of consciously moving towards what we want.

We are practicing masters of the art of allowing and we are eager adventurers in the great wide world. We love living our lives and connecting with others of like mind, others who arealsoeager about life and excited for tomorrow. 

We are those for whom 'miracles' happen frequently and often. Other people often look at us and wonder "What in the world is going on? What magic potion are they drinking?" 

We are milkers of good feeling things. 

We are those that believe life really is what you make it and really, we each have a lot of control when it comes to that. 

To quote David Gordon from, this is "a swirling mass of co-operative components hell bent on Joyous celebration in all the forms of that on the planet...."

What we are about: 

We are about fun, joyful, playful interactions, laughter, ease and excitement. We are about connection and delightful co-creation.

We adore hanging out in our vortexes, and we are intent on feeling our way there again and again simply for the thrill of it.

We are as eager for what’s now as for what’s next. 

We love mixing it up together and love the variety. 

We are about telling our stories of success & synchronicity and milking them. 

We are about focusing on the well-being in the world and celebrating the beauty, the variety and the momentum.

We are about humor and not taking things too seriously. 

We are about letting ourselves (and others) off the hook and going with the flow. 

We are about basking, soothing, dangling our feet in the bay, feeling our way forward and delighting in the shift of the energy. 

We are about leading edge discussion, about riding the wave of moving forward as far as we can go, and then a bit further. 

We are about leveraging the ultimate power available to us.

And most of all, we love being the knowing, feeling, loving beings we were born to be. 

The premises of our community are:

• Life is what you make it.

• Your emotions are your guide.

• You can tell whether you are taking advantage of the fullness of the power that is available to you by how you feel – in alignment with your power feels good, not in alignment feels bad.

• Guidance is a good thing, and your own feelings are guidance that trumps anyone else's - even Abraham's.

• The thoughts you think & the feelings you feel & the things you experience are always a vibrational match.

• Physical manifestations of things, lovers, success, etc, are delicious! 

• And even more delicious is the improvement in how we feel - because honestly, the main event is the vibrational shift. The rest of it is simply fun, yummy icing on an already magical human experience cake. 

What we intend: 

We intend to create the space and opportunity for members of our tribe to connect, interact and get to know each other as they are inspired. It is through our interactions that we inspire and empower others.

You don't need us in order to create an even more brilliant, fabulous life. But we will ADORE cheering you on and assisting you towards your greatness. 

What we desire: 

We love to feel the exhilaration of tuning in and taking thought to places it has never been before. We love delicious co-creative experiences. We love creating a space for co-creation of epic proportions  We love being compliant components in other people's journeys.

We love when a question is asked that inspires new questions within the group and we all expand together and then line up with the answer together, simultaneously. We love attracting those that are vibrational matches to our intentions and who add to the expansion of the group.

What we MOST want for this group is for each of us to walk away after an event with feelings of joy, and exhilaration, and satisfaction with what-is, and unfettered, rambunctious eagerness for what is next!

"We just want you to prepare yourselves for the best, most enlightened, most uplifting, most exhilarating, most in the vortex week of your life." -- Abe on the Caribbean Cruise 2010

Note: For those new to this work, see the "Abraham Twelve Point Synopsis" on the Files page to learn the basics about the Teachings of Abraham.

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