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The Drawing for Fun Workshops are for inspiring artists who like to draw for fun. All levels are welcome from beginners to advances. I want to make this group as fun and unique as possible. The events are always fun. We can have field trips to art and cultural festivals, open studios, anime, and comic conventions. We can hang out in zoo, science and art museums to draw from animal, science, beautiful paintings, and sculptures. Meetup several places to chat and draw sci-fi & fantasy arts such as comics, manga art, game art, and film art. In addition, to draw anything you like to see in front of you or from photographs or art books. The reason I setup this group, because I get bored drawing at home, and I like to go out and meet people who have the same interests as I do.

Additional side note: I'm not making any money in this meetup group. This group is not a get rich kind of schemes, get fame, and becoming a world greatest artist. Please don't provide advertisement, enter to win sweepstakes, and money making promotion. Please, don't persuade me or other artists in this group to do the work for you. This group is all about fun, making friends, and educational. Please use your common sense and have fun with us.

Upcoming events (5+)

Drawing at Stanford Memorial Church

Memorial Church

Drawing a nice architectural church inside or outside of Stanford University. http://www.stanford.edu/group/religiouslife/cgi-bin/wordpress/memorial-church/hours-directions/ Things to bring: pencil, papers, and eraser. Option to bring: digital camera. Bring a lunch as well.

Going Places: Drawings by Ric Ambrose

Triton Museum of Art

An Artists' Reception. It is free admission. http://www.tritonmuseum.org/exhibitions_ambrose.php

Drawing in Hakone Gardens
Needs a date and time

Hakone Estate & Gardens

Drawing in the nice and peaceful japanese traditional gardens in Saratoga. If there is rain, I can rescheduled. Things to bring: pencil, papers, and eraser. camera is optional to bring. http://www.hakone.com/visit-us/visitor-info.html

Drawing Dragons
Needs a date and time


Drawing a fantasy dragon. Things to bring: Sketch pad, sharpen pencil, and eraser. Optional to bring: Mobile device with a dragon picture or dragon art book. http://www.dac-editions.com/dragons.htm http://www.amazon.com/Dragonart-Fantastic-Dragons-Fantasy-Creatures/dp/1581806574/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361751974&sr=8-1&keywords=dragon+art I will be drawing in the patio across the parking lot in front of Johnny Garlic's and Starbucks.

Past events (160)

Artists' Night

Eastridge Mall

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