What we're about

We are picking up where we left in pre-covid times : organising in-person events, during which we come together as a community to share and co-create how ways of working can help drive business transformations.

We are a community of change makers; we make business transformations happen.

We come together to share knowledge and experiences, wanting to grow our effectiveness in driving transformations at the organisations we work for.

We connect people from all professional backgrounds working in all types of business transformation and change. Applying agile, waterfall and all versions in between ; transforming IT, operations, process, product, strategy, marketing, HR,.. ; from startup to international conglomerate.

We seek to make the world of transformation a better place through community-based problem solving.

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Self-mastery for coaches. What does that look like?

Accenture Song

Coaches what are we transforming, really ?

Accenture Song

The agile coach's competences

FWD Group

Expanding your scrum to multiple teams (2nd session)

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