What we're about

let's get together for an exciting new meetup in town, where locals and internationals meet and exchange their cultures like music, art, and habits, funny and interesting anecdotes, and why not, practice English in the meanwhile (all English levels welcome, don't be shy :-)).

We have amazing ideas to develop this to include diverse fun activities such as:

• Attending good gigs (local and international music)

• Dining out experiencing different international cuisines

• Getting together lots of people from different nationalities to exchange experiences

The recurring main appointment will be a relaxed coffee Meetup Saturday afternoon, to get to know each other.

We are also open to any feedback and ideas so feel free to propose!

Organized by Mickey!

Final Note:

Many Meetup groups let members start open discussions at any time on the main page of the Meetup group itself. We noticed this is creating a lot of unwanted and spammy notifications on mobile phones (when having the Meetup app installed), in fact, ALL the members of the Meetup will receive these messages! We instead don't let this to happen, we think that the discussions should be either allowed only on one single meetup event (which is fine) or only started by the organizers to gather feedback.

Both I and Peter are experienced Meetup organizers and also members of many meetup groups ourselves for many years, we noticed many mistakes and wrong decisions (such as for example organizing a meetup without consulting the management of the venue, which leads to changes at the last minute....) which we will avoid. All our meetups are agreed by the managers of the venues and we will always have our tables/spaces booked.

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Merrion Square

Hello our next meetup in Merrion Square will be next Sunday! Please read the changes and the requirements. Rest intended, if I see that people are not respecting social distancing and are not sitting in two well separated groups of 15 each, I will cancel the meetup for the time being. - Meeting point: Directly at the location in the Park, shown in the picture. - Bring your foldable stool, blanket or yoga mat :-) - Wearing a mask is strongly recommended. - Respect a distance of about 2m from other people. - We'll make two distinct circular groups of 15 people. Disclaimer: Join this meetup at your own risk. The organizer will try to enforce social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but cannot be held responsible if somebody gets infected. If you are sick, have a fever or experienced any symptoms, please don't join. IMPORTANT: Also please don't join if you arrived in Ireland in the last two weeks from abroad. Seriously.

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