What we're about

Do you feel lost in a big synagogue? Come to our new group, where, like "Cheers", everybody knows your name. A newly formed, traditional synagogue (meeting in homes and/or hotels) lead by our new bi-vocational Rabbi. If you are interested in celebrating Shabbat, studying Torah, or just enjoying good Jewish food and friends, join up and come to our functions.

Zohar Yisrael is a small but growing traditionally oriented community dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of Jews from all backgrounds.

Zohar Yisrael embraces the idea of klal yisrael, the unfractured totality of Jewish life.

We affirm the idea of haverim kol yisrael, that all Israel is still joined in fellowship despite dispersion or dichotomies.

We encourage a spiritual vibrancy rooted in the mesorah and a serious commitment to halachah, while retaining friendly and open arms to Jews regardless of their affiliation.

Zohar Yisrael embraces the values of traditional Judaism as embodied in organizations like the Union for Traditional Judaism.

Our Shacharit services follow a traditional liturgical format with a unique blend of melodies from Sephardi, Mizrahi, and various Eastern European communities.

The goal of Zohar Yisrael is to serve Jews living in various Dallas suburbs.

Celebrate Shabbat with us and help us build a community that embodies tolerance, but honors tradition. Help us build a community that celebrates Judaism in a traditional, yet lively manner.

Past events (11)

TraditionalYom Kippur Services

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Traditional Erev Rosh Hashanah Services

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Mincha & Seudah Shlishit (Third Shabbat Meal)

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Yom Kippur-Kol Nidre

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