What we're about

Since March 2020 this group is run as an online Group.

Originally we started in January in Dunfermline in a Pub but since the organiser has moved to Germany we'll be meeting online. Hopefully we'll be able to organise some face to face meets after the lockdown again.

Reviewing the last meetings it seems as if the Online format is working really well actually and we enjoy having so many members from around the world.

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Tired of talking about the weather, food and traffic? Isn’t there more to life?

Philosophy For All aims to be Scotland's vibrant forum for discussing philosophy, life, science, art and thought. We are an all age group dedicated to exchanging ideas, having fun and expanding the limits of our perceptions.

Our ethos = Be excellent to each other. Listen actively. Test ideas and be open to learn something new. And have fun and try your best.

All you need is an open mind and a curious heart!

Past events (28)

Philosophy of Life

Online event

Philosophy of Languages

Online event

Philosophy of modern Slavery / Globalisation

Online event

Philosophy of Transhumanism (Cyborgs)

Online event

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