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Who: This meet-up is for anyone who has an interest in real estate investing (REI) or experience with REI. All interests and experiences in REI welcome whether part- or full-time, local or out of state, buy/hold or flip. Commercial (apartments, retail, RV parks, development) or Residential

What: We organize MeetUps to allow folks to network, learn from each other and share ideas. We have low pitch guest speakers and panels for all shiny objects in real estate. We do NOT sell ANYTHING.

When: Every MONTH.


Why: Our goal is to bring people together on REI for networking, education, and support.

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[Online Training] Real Estate Success: Finding Best Cities & Neighborhoods

Real Estate Success: Secrets to Finding Best Cities & Neighborhoods REGISTER 👉 https://go.multifamilyu.com/2-Real-Estate-Success 📆 Saturday, July 11th | 10 AM Pacific Discover a complete step-by-step system to increase your profits and avoid costly mistakes You’ve surely heard the “location, location, location” mantra whenever there’s a discussion about making money in real estate. But what does that even mean? Is it a matter of getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about a neighborhood and then GOING FOR IT? Is finding the ideal city with the ideal neighborhoods a matter of gut instinct or… is there a way to ensure that you select ONLY those neighborhoods in which you have the best chance for success? Finding the best places in which to invest your hard-earned cash is ABSOLUTELY the most critical piece in the real estate investing puzzle. Once you discover how you can use FREE DATA and FREE TOOLS to uncover these locations, you can TURBOCHARGE your real estate investing in unimaginable ways. During this FREE online training, Neal Bawa will show you step-by-step exactly how to do that...and more. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN ⭐ PROVEN, FIELD-TESTED TECHNIQUES - Neal will reveal his acclaimed location-finding system for you. You will be able to see every moving part and learn to replicate it for your own real estate investments. ⭐ FREE TOOLS AND DATA - Neal will show you how to use the internet to access easy-to-use tools and free data that will save you time and money. You’ll be able to do real-time location analysis without spending a fortune or being a rocket scientist. ⭐ YOUR ROAD MAP TO REAL ESTATE RICHES - Ditch those boring, complicated spreadsheets! Neal will show you how to chart the path of progress as it flows like a river through a city. You’ll be able to visually identify the best investment locations. How cool is THAT? WHAT TO EXPECT IN THIS FREE TRAINING ✅ BE AMAZED as you watch Neal perform a series of high-speed web demos that will blow your hair back! You will become an expert on ANY city or ANY neighborhood in the U.S. so you can select only those locations likely to make you the most MONEY. ✅ GO ON A FASCINATING ADVENTURE with Neal as your guide, you will embark on an amazing and eye-opening virtual journey through the U.S.. You’ll learn how to navigate the wilds of real estate investing using critical metrics like household income, poverty level, and unemployment levels. ✅ ACHIEVE ULTIMATE MASTERY: When you complete this online training, you will be a LOCATION BOSS, able to pull up any city in the U.S., and confidently pick the fast-growing portions of the city, point out the path of progress, and outline the zero-growth (and negative growth) areas of the city. ✅ DISCOVER HOT EMERGING MARKETS: You’ll be locked and loaded with detailed knowledge you can use to accurately identify the hottest (and soon to be hottest) real estate markets and avoid wasting your time and money in flat or declining markets! MEET YOUR PRESENTER ⭐ Neal Bawa is CEO / Founder at Multifamily University and Grocapitus, a commercial real estate investment company. Neal sources, negotiates and acquires Commercial properties across the U.S., for 300+ investors. Current portfolio over 1800 units/beds, projected to be at 3,000 in 12 months. The portfolio includes Multifamily and student housing properties in 8 U.S. states. Neal speaks at Multifamily events, IRA events &meetups across the country. Nearly 4,000 students attend his multifamily seminar series each year and hundreds attend his Apartment Magic Bootcamps. He believes in positivity and Karma, is passionate about cricket and about the enormous potential of self-driving electric vehicles to solve the global climate crisis. If you can’t attend live, register and we’ll send you the recording. 👉 https://go.multifamilyu.com/2-Real-Estate-Success

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