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Come discuss Javascript with some of the most talented programmers in the East Bay. Show off some of the cool projects you've been working on and talk about everything happening in the JS community. Let's share tips, tricks, hacks and frameworks! We don't have a JavaScript group in the East Bay so I thought I'd start one. Our first topic is an intro to Node. Come check it out!

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Mentorship Program
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The design of this program serves multiple functions.

* Active learning.
* Expert mentorship
* Student-driven projects
* XP by example
* Voluntary and free
* Low instructor-to-student ratio
* Open dialogue

Software skills must be practiced actively in order to be mastered. As a result, active learning mentorship favors hands-on work over lengthy lectures.

In addition to learning how to code, the XP process of pair programming is taught by example, requiring the mentor to improve his pair programming and hands-on communication skills.

No hype, no corporate sponsorship, no herd.

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