I'm going to PASS Summit - Now what & Modern Database App Integrations

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This month we will have a double header from both Chris Wood and Ian Chamberland.

Chris will be speaking about the PASS Summit and what first time attendee's what to expect and how to make the most of their first summit experience.

Ian will be presenting on how you can modernize your legacy application integrations.

"Legacy corporate applications that are built in-house can quite often be tightly coupled together. Either you have cross database connections, load jobs, linked servers, multiple copies of data, etc. These design patterns increase your technical debt and application changes will need to carefully consider the impact to the downstream applications. Tightly coupled databases can also make migration/upgrade projects more difficult, especially as you start to looking towards cloud based solutions.

What if your organization has started to implement newer design patterns and technologies like microservices, restful web integration or enterprise service buses? Do you have to re-write all of your legacy applications to use these new technologies?
This presentation will show a method that was used to update legacy applications to utilize an integration middleware platform without a major re-write of the application."