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Look I get it. You’re exhausted. And most of the time it feels like you don’t have anything more to give. You might be thinking the last thing you need is another thing to fit into your already over filled schedule…

I’d like you to consider:

>>> What would life be like if you got crystal clear on your goals and then you had a plan for intentional action on how to get there.

>>> What if you could determine which tasks are the 20% that produce 80% of your results.

>>> What if you had a safe space to share your frustrations and get support and strategy suggestions from people who have been there and done that.

>>> What if you could reorganize the resources you already have to create a life that serves you instead of one that totally depletes you.

<3 You’d save time from pitfalls and mistakes that cost you time and money.

<3 You would gain more time for your family, reduce your stress and overwhelm and maybe even have a bit of extra time to spend on some self-care.

This is time that is just for you. It’s support by people who get you and want to see you rise and reach your goals.

And you’ll design your life and business; instead of constantly reacting to life.

Give yourself a more relaxing experience of life. Because life is all about the moments and really enjoying them.

Get your energy back to show up for yourself fully and make powerful business decisions. And actually, enjoy life instead of just trying to survive each day.

So often we are always doing and giving so much to everyone around us. This is a chance to practice receiving. Join us to give yourself the gift of peace and clarity and a bit more sanity in 2020.

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Ash St. Gelais

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