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Kuala Lumpur is home to some of the world's best known ethereum projects and it is the mission of Ethereum Malaysia to be a meeting place to learn about the blockchain technology powering some of today's most interesting projects.

Sometimes referred to as Web 3.0, ethereum smart contracts permit trust-less interaction and enables parties to exchange digital assets with confidence and undertake complex transactions knowing that the transaction is governed by a set of clearly defined rules.

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DeFi 101 Workshop with Polygon Advocates

Online event

This is a placeholder for an online workshop organized by Polygon Advocates and supported by Ethereum Malaysia. Please register for the event itself here: https://forms.gle/qEcpCSy2w3QAsYULA

We will do transactions on the Polygon POS chain as it uses lower fees. The steps are replicable on Ethereum and other EVM-based chains.

Items to cover:
- A quick introduction of blockchain wallets
- Creating a wallet on Metamask, adding different networks, sending transactions
- Using DeFi platforms such as Quickswap, Sushi, and Aave.
- Security & risks overview (this is EXTREMELY important, please do not skip!)

Remember to register at the actual link!

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Oct 2021: Next Level Ethereum with Arbitrum

Online event

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