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Calling all Colorado residents! - Do you love the idea of sustainable living?
If you practice recycling, re-using, re-generating and reducing your impact on our planet have you considered building your own Earthship? Earthship Colorado is a group created to promote and educate people and families on sustainable new building concepts. Earthships, yurts, cob homes, strawbale and sandbag homes are all more Earth conscious forms of construction. Now more than ever is the time to spread a sustainable lifestyle like out of control wildfire. We'll host workshops, discuss permaculture, construction, canning, dehydrating, gardening, vermaculture, aquaponics, recipes and more while making the occasional visit to local Earthships. Help us expand the community and provide this valuable knowledge to others. We can use many techniques to relieve a little stress and pressure from our struggling consumerism society.

Defining "Earthship" - Off the grid, autonomous, passive solar buildings that utilize bio-mass and sometimes geothermal temperature regulation. Solar panels, wind generators and methane harvesting waste systems can be used to generate power. With rain water catchment systems and sewage circulation systems that feed greenhouse bio-cells, they become living, breathing self-sustaining structures. Constructed using dirt packed tires, aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, they're built from what may otherwise become garbage. Founding builders noticed they almost look like dirt "ships from outer space" and so the Earthship name was born.

Local Helpful Links
ABC Composting ( - Worms, Worm Bins, Worm Castings
The Gabriel Foundation ( - Aviary / Parrot Rehabilitation & Adoption Center
Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute ( - Workshops & Courses
Colorado 14ers ( - Hiking Info
Colorado Cob ( - Ovens / Natural Construction / Consultation
Colorado Tank & Barrel ( - IBC Totes & 55 Gallon Drums
Colorado Mountain Club ( - Wilderness Survival School
CSA & Colorado Farm Shares ( - Community Supported Agriculture
Denver Earthship ( - Facebook Page w/ Mike Wird & Regenerative Lifestyles
Denver Urban Homesteading ( - Farmers Market & Homesteading Courses
Earthship Biotecture ( - Founders of the 1st Earthship / + Facebook Page (
Farmers Market Association ( - Find a Local Farmers Market
The GrowHaus ( - Colorado Hydrofarming and Aquaponics / Facebook Page (
Grow Everywhere ( - Gardening & Sustainability w/ James Fry
Integrated Aquaponics ( - Fish Farming & Food Harvesting w/ Avery Ellis
L.R. Rice ( - Raw Unfiltered Honey from Greeley, CO
Nikeno's Second Chances ( - No Kill Shelter & Animal Adoptions
Road Kill Info ( - Harvesting
Rockler - Woodworking & Hardware

Other Important Links
Earth Domes ( - ( Super Adobe Earth Bag Buildings
Geoff Lawton - The King of Permaculture
Help Exchange - Volunteer & Live! / Shelter & Living for Work Exchanges
Lamp Tracker ( - Recycle Batteries, Bulbs, Electronics, Aerosols & Printer Cartridges
Open Library ( - Excellent Online Book Resource
Permies ( - Everything Permaculture Related
Valhala Movement ( - Cultural Change Resource

FAQ Links & Definitions
Off Gassing - Definition ( / Concerns & Info (
Cadmium Toxicity in Tires - Definition ( / Concerns & Info (

Government and Law Related Links
Colorado Revised Statutes - Colorado Constitution as Currently Amended
Parks & Wildlife - Including Hunting & Fishing Info
Water Rights Law ( - Understand the Colorado Water Law
Pockets of Freedom ( - Earthship Friendly Areas
U.S. Constitution ( - Including Bill of Rights & Declaration of Independence

Online Order Supply Links
Bulk Foods ( - Nuts, Beans, Grains, Fruits & Spices in Bulk
The Free Seed Exchange ( - Heirloom Seed Swaps
Hemp Traders ( - Suppliers of Hemp Products
Mountain Rose Herbs - Natural Cosmetic Products in Bulk
New Directions Aromatics ( - Natural Cosmetic Products in Bulk

Videos to Help You Learn & Get You Thinking!
Black Soldier Fly Bin ( - Larvae Production for Fish or Chicken Feed
Compost Tumbler ( - Construction and Design
Guerrilla Gardening ( - Start Secret Gardens
Jar Sealer ( - Vacuum Sealing w/o Electricity
Jean Pain Method - The Power of Compost
Rain Barrel ( - Cheap Water Collection
Rocket Mass Heater ( - Efficient Heating Systems
Solar Air Heater ( - Cheap Heating Systems
Solar Dehydrator ( - Food Dehydration w/o Electricity
Vermicomposting ( - Using Red Wrigglers to Consume Food Scraps
Worm Tower ( - Attracting Various Worms to a Garden
Zero Waste Family ( - Learn to Reduce Waste Accumulation

Homesteading & Permaculture ( w/ Paul Wheaton
The Survival Podcast w/ Jack Spirko
The Permaculture Podcast ( w/ Scott Mann
Wild Ideas ( w/ The Wilderness Center

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