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The hype is real. Biohacking is the next big thing that's becoming the new paradigm of high performance living. What started as a body-tinkering, mind-hacking, supplement-taking productivity craze in Silicon Valley is now spreading around the world. It is all about a current human need that is basically unmet today – the desire to quantify what goes on inside our bodies when we’re eating, drinking, working, thinking and moving. Then testing and tweaking different ways to enhance and improve all those areas and more. This Meetup is a way for our tribe to connect with other like-minded people obsessed about achieving an optimal life with superhuman performance, through biohacking and self-experimentation. If you want to supercharge the cellular pathway of your brain, activate mitochondria, enhance mental focus, and energy, THIS is the Meetup for you. If you want to eliminate toxins and other sources of brain fog that slows you down, THIS is the Meetup for you. If you want to reverse aging and inflammation, THIS Meetup is for you. If you want to promote neuron growth to enhance your brains processing speed and hot-wire yourself for success, then THIS meet up is for you. Topics will include: • Non-native EMF/ 5G • Supplements / Nutraceuticals • Sleep enhancement / Tracking • Water Fasting / Intermittent Fasting / Protein Cycling • Cryotherapy / Cold Thermogenesis / Wim Hof Method • Earthing / Grounding • Diet / Nutrition / Personal Habits / Ketogenic / Paleo / Primal • Photobiomodulation/ Mobility / Injury Recovery • Sensory Deprivation Tanks / Floating • Bulletproof / 4 Hour Lifestyle • Nootropics / Smart Drugs / Cognitive Performance / Microdosing • Flow State / Productivity • Detoxifying / Healing / Holistic Health/Functional Medicine • Entheogens / Psychedelics / Cannabis / Plant Medicines / Ayahuasca • Fitness / Training / Exercise • Wearables / Gadgets / Tools / Apps/ Blue blockers • Meditation / Neurofeedback / EEG / Hypnosis / Mindfulness • Binaural Beats / Lucid Dreaming • Consciousness / Altered States • DNA Sequencing / Blood Analysis/ Telomeres • Lasers / LED Light Therapy • PEMF / tCDS / TMS / EMS • Lifehacking / Metalearning / Lifestyle Design • Superfoods / Juicing / Smoothies / Sprouting / Fermenting
• Exercise Hacks / Shortcuts / Enhancements

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