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Feel Anxious Around People? 3 Amazing Ways to Relax & Enjoy Being With Others
The 3 Toughest Things Anxious and Awkward People Do That Keep them Feeling Uncomfortable, and the 3 Surprising Tricks That Will Help You Start Enjoying Being Around Others If you, or someone you know, get anxious and feel awkward around others, you know how difficult a problem this can be. Humans are wired to seek fun, connection and friendship, so when we feel uneasy hanging out with others, it can feel devastating and painful. Why does this happen to us? Do you struggle with anxiety? Are you shy? Do social situations fill you with the jitters, dread, or apprehension? Do you feel insecure? It’s not your fault. Maybe your family set up some unrealistic expectations, or you suffered some early childhood trauma, or it could be all the pressures our culture places on us. Whatever the cause, it's only natural that you feel uncomfortable when you try to be your own, natural self. Wouldn't it be nice to make peace with all of this? The big secret is that we all feel some level of anxiety, but no one likes to talk about it. How ironic, because not talking about it is one thing that provokes these nervous, uncomfortable bad feelings. Join us for this evening of straight talk about anxiety and nervousness. We’ll share our stories, have an open conversation, and demonstrate some fun, simple techniques to help you stay at ease. You’ll see for yourself how well these ideas work - and you’ll get enough practice that you’ll feel confident using them anytime, anywhere with anyone. Start having more fun with people. We’ll show you how easy it is to be authentic about your anxiety, to stay relaxed and to master some surprising new ways to be yourself and have more fun. This will be a constructive evening where you will meet cool new people and give yourself the gift of enjoying yourself just the way you are! Space is Limited. Reserve Your Spot Now. Doors open at 6:45 pm - For reason of building security, no one will be allowed in past 7:00 PM Please bring with you: 1. Pen & Paper – There will be a writing exercise. 2. A water bottle if needed. There is a sink to fill water bottles but no cups are provided. Street parking: Parking can be found between 5th and 6th on Folsom. The meters are only 2 hours and are free after 6 pm. You can find 4-hour parking meters located on Harrison st. between 4th and 5th. St, right before the 5th St. Freeway overpass. The Powell Bart Station is 5 blocks away.

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This is a Meet Up for people interested in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

NLP is called "The Study of the Structure of Human Experience." It is also a self development practice: Once we know something about how we structure our experience, we can find ways to re-structure it in ways that provide us with the experience of life we would prefer.

NLP is a remarkably elegant and deeply respectful set of tools to uncover unconscious beliefs and structures that determine our experience, and--again, at the unconcious level--introduce new beliefs and structures to our hidden selves.

At these meetups, we learn and practice NLP techniques, and learn about and discuss NLP principles and frameworks. We have had a number of meetups so far and they have let people practice NLP skills in a relaxed, fun environment. We've had everyone from experienced practitioners to those just starting out.

For those of you who know something about NLP, we've worked on anchoring, rapport, language patterns, parts work, and much more. So come and explore!

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