What we're about

This is a Meet Up for people interested Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and NeuroScience.
We focus on applying NLP, neuro-science and positive psychology to improving human excellence.

NLP is an elegant and deeply respectful set of tools that uncover the unconscious beliefs and psychic structures that determine our experience and limitations. If you feel like your life, on a scale of 1-10, is less fulfilling than you would like, NLP is a simple, effective way to boost your personal satisfaction and sense of well-being.

Human behavior is largely self-programmed, but much of the programming occurs in our first five years of life, long before we're prepared to make deliberate choices about how to set ourselves up.

The magic of NLP is that it gives us an ability to notice what's happening unconsciously, make some conscious choices - and then re-program thoseunconscious patterns. It gives us the opportunity to introduce new beliefs and structures to the hidden parts of ourselves that actually run much of the show.

At these meetups, we learn and practice techniques from NLP to create change in our personal, work and social lives. We'll also give some focus to team dynamics and ways to create powerful, pro-social and emotionally engaging climates at work.

We have had a number of meetups so far and they have let people practice NLP skills in a relaxed, fun environment. We've had everyone from experienced practitioners to those just starting out.

For those of you who know something about NLP, we've worked on anchoring, rapport, language patterns, parts work, and much more. So come and explore!

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