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Novel Critique Session: The Spirit Sword of Embranar - Part One
NOTE: We are pretty close to this session's date, so please only RSVP now if you know you have the time to read and give a thoughtful critique of this novel, as it's pretty lengthy at 140,000 words. Time for our first novel critique session of 2018! Member Bobby O'Brien is asking for feedback on his first fantasy novel - The Spirit Sword of Embranar. We will be critiquing the first part of this novel, which clocks in at 140,000 words. If you attended our last monthly critique session, then you've read the previous version of the book's beginning. Here's the blurb: An elven mystic follows his hallucinations out of the forests of Aelfari and into Embranar, where Man reigns. He has the power to heal the wounded planet Araem, or to destroy it, and wizards across the world are seeking to find him and turn his powers to their own ends. An elven swordswoman journeys to Embranar to find this healer, believing he is the chosen one who has come to save their world. But she finds that this would-be savior is more a slave to a god than he is a messiah. His visions lead them across Araem as they uncover long forgotten secrets, and arm themselves for the war between the gods that is to come. Sound intriguing? Then do come out for this opportunity to give Bobby feedback as he continues the revision process! Eloise will moderate the discussion, and she will email you the link and password to the manuscript once you RSVP. This critique session will be held at Tertulia Coffee Shop in downtown Oakland, which is close to the 19th St. BART station. Parking downtown is free on Sundays. Most likely, the group will gather at one of the large communal tables. Need tips on giving novel critique? Here are our rules of engagement (, and here is a very helpful page ( on all aspects of giving critique you many want to consider. Keep in mind that critique is best limited to big picture successes and constructive criticisms -- discuss how well you follow the plot throughout rather than how often the author spells a word incorrectly. You can simply give feedback in person at the meeting, or you can mark up the manuscript by hand or electronically; that's all up to you. Any questions? Let us know!

Tertulia Coffee

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