July New Moon Sister Circle ~ RADICAL VISIBILITY: Fearlessly, Authentically, Me.

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RADICAL VISIBILITY: Fearlessly, Authentically, Me.

Now is the time to put in the work to empower yourself as the creator of your life. You are supported in designing the life that you want to live, you just have to put in the self- work in order to actualize your dreams.

Ask yourself: In what areas of your life might you be hiding?

What stories might you be holding on to that prevent you from showing up as you really are??

Are you afraid to show how brilliant, beautiful, and powerful you are?

Are you afraid to show your vulnerable side, fear, grief, or insecurity?

When we give energy to stories deeply seeded in our belief systems about who we are or who we are not, every action we take is influenced by the vibration of the story.

For example, If you believe you are invisible or "not enough"…

You will subconsciously play the role of being invisible or small, which will manifest into reality through your patterns and actions. People will respond to you as if you really are invisible or not good enough because the energy of your inner story influences how you to show up in situations.

This will then generate so called "proof" that this inner story (of not being good enough) is true, when in fact, it is NOT. You are not invisible and you ARE good enough.

The story can only be true if you choose to believe it, and thus choose to operate from this belief whether you realize it or not. We are at a time now, when the feminine is being asked to RISE. To stop hiding, to stop criticizing ourselves and START BELIEVING in how incredible we are JUST AS WE ARE. We are being asked to LEAD by example, trusting that our authenticity will help transform the world and bring us all into greater harmony and balance.

We invite you to use this full moon time to deeply acknowledge and honor who you really are, to examine where you might be limiting yourself and prepare to STEP OUT AND SHINE YOUR LIGHT with the coming new moon on July 23rd.

Join us for open discussion and lots of love and laughter!


COST - love donation ($10 suggested)

**Sorry for the change is day of the week, I'm doing a class on the 26th. xoxo