• Meet Anthony Masiello of Plant Based Telehealth!

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    Learn how you can connect with a plant-based physician from the comfort of your own home!

    Anthony Masiello is Co-founder and CEO of Plant Based TeleHealth, a national lifestyle telemedicine service focused on the prevention and reversal of disease, and optimizing health and wellness, with lifestyle medicine and whole food plant-based nutrition.

    Anthony has been working in healthcare for more than 25 years. His professional career started in the 90s at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) doing bioinformatics for the Human Genome Project. He later shifted into Research and Development at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, where he was excited about contributing more directly to the development of new disease therapies.

    After 17 years at Novartis, he personally transformed his own health and learned that there is a better way. He shifted his career once again, and is now 100% focused on providing access to medical services centered on the prevention and reversal of disease utilizing lifestyle medicine rooted in whole food plant-based nutrition.

    Anthony came to a plant-based lifestyle himself after being denied a 20-year term life insurance policy at age 33. He was morbidly obese, weighing more than 360 pounds, medicated for high blood pressure, and suffering from psoriasis, eczema, migraine headaches, and sleep apnea. With his transition to a whole food plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle, Anthony lost 160 lbs. and reversed all these conditions. He has maintained that weight loss, optimal health, and an incredible quality of life for more than 16 years and counting.

    He is on a mission to dramatically shift the healthcare focus from management to the prevention and reversal of chronic disease by enabling millions of people to implement lifestyle changes that will truly improve the quality of their lives.

    Anthony’s personal health transformation has been featured on the Megyn Kelly Today show, on PBS, in The Huffington Post, in the bestselling book Eat to Live, and by Forks Over Knives, Runners World, and numerous magazines, web sites, radio shows, podcasts, and articles.

    About Plant Based TeleHealth:

    > Plant Based TeleHealth is a national telemedicine service on a mission to make lifestyle medicine available to everyone. Physicians are available now to provide licensed medical appointments to patients in all 50 US states and Washington D.C. International lifestyle medicine consultations are also available, for people outside of the US.

    > At Plant Based TeleHealth, medical care is focused on the treatment, prevention, and reversal of chronic disease utilizing lifestyle medicine, rooted in whole food plant-based nutrition. Physicians practice evidence-based medicine to help patients achieve their personal goals of health, wellness, and improved quality of life.

    > Our aim is to recreate as close to an in-person patient experience as possible. Doctors and patients use HIPAA compliant audio and video to both see and speak with each other during the appointment, and patient communication and follow-up between appointments is handled in our secure on-line patient portal.

    > To learn more, please visit plantbasedtelehealth.com

  • Meet Javant @Healthyveganeating!

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    Javant's health journey began nearly 17 years ago. After a personal health scare, he discovered the power of nutrition, lost 80 pounds, and continued eating his way to better health. Following many years of independent health study and research, he decided to become a certified Nutritarian chef and coach.

    You can find delicious recipes and demonstrations from Javant on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healthyveganeating/ and on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@healthyveganeating

    Please join us to hear Javant's inspirational story; he will also share a delicious recipe and demonstrate how to prepare it!

  • Meet Kim and Learn about Unique Personalized Cutting Boards at Words with Boards

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    Looking for a unique gift or addition to a plant-based kitchen? Find out how you can design and order a beautiful personalized cutting/serving board or lazy susan at https://wordswithboards.com/

    Join us and meet founder, Kim Strassner:

    Kim's love affair with woodworking started in high school, back when it was a class everyone had to take. Her first cutting board was small and simply said “CHOP" which she cut out with a band saw. This cutting board was the inspiration for starting Words with Boards. Her mom kept this board all those years and it now holds “pride of place” in the entrance to their studio and woodshop.

    In 2013, Kim's husband, Mike joined her to start the business in the basement of their 160-year old row house in Hampden,the historic and eclectic neighborhood in Baltimore that nurtures their creativity and sense of community.

    In 2015, Words with Boards landed on the iconic Oprah's Favorite Things list and Kim and Mike outgrew their basement. They now occupy a 3,000 square foot facility a mile from their house along the Jones Falls.

    What started as one product, a personalized cutting board, 10 years later has blossomed into many other wooden home goods. Their gift shop can be found at www.wordswithboards.com and they also welcome people to come shop with us in their woodshop/studio.

    Kim will be offering a special discount code for our group, so we hope to see you there!

  • In-Person Potluck!!!

    Ellicott City Seventh-day Adventist Church

    It seems like it's been forever, but we are finally ready to get back to our in-person potlucks! This first one will be outdoors, in the back of the Ellicott City Seventh-day Adventist Church (where we met previously) in Ellicott City, MD.

    We look forward to another great potluck to welcome everyone and share delicious, healthy plant-based food and great conversation! This potluck is a great opportunity to try out new recipes and pick some up to share with your loved ones.

    Dishes should serve 8-10 and must be entirely plant-based (vegan), so please no red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, butter, cream, yogurt or any other dairy products, or honey or gelatin, in the ingredients. Also please be sure that dishes include no to very minimal amounts of refined sugar or sweeteners other than fruit and dried fruit (including maple syrup, agave, stevia, etc.), salt, and oil. Please bring along at least one copy of your recipe or an ingredients list to share; include your name on the recipe so others can identify who made each dish. Contributions of $1 per person are greatly appreciated to cover supplies and meetup costs. We will enjoy group discussion if time permits. Please feel free to bring along family members, friends, co-workers, etc.. People at all stages of transitioning to a healthier diet are welcome to join us! Looking forward to seeing you there!

    If you're unsure about what to bring, please see some of the recipe blogs here: http://eatwell-staywell.com/recipe-blogs/ and http://www.theveganjunction.com/top-30-oil-free-plant-based-recipe-websites-of-2017/. And if you're new to plant-based cooking/eating, just bring some fruit or a salad; there's always plenty of food and you'll get some great ideas for next time!

    If you have your own reusable utensils and dinnerware, we encourage you to bring them along so as to cut down on the volume of trash. (Some creative folks have taken to bringing along muffin tins, so that they can take small samples without having them mix!) If not, no worries; we'll have you covered.

    Also, please join our Facebook group to stay in touch and share recipes and tips between meetups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/784866048230971/

    We hope to see you there!