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Rock with 9South at the Cabin - Dinner First

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Though our focus has always been is on great live music and dinners, we also offer some recreational, cultural and social activities so you can consider us your one stop source for becoming an even more well rounded individual. The group is also private/exclusive to its members including any rsvps that you make.

Events will usually feature live music of many genres usually at restaurants without a cover charge whenever possible. All venues dance friendly whenever possible. Some will require tickets for which group discounts will be sought whenever possible, however you will buy tickets on your own. We will include at least one rock band each month. We will also have dinners at eclectic (of course) restaurants once or twice monthly, and other special events and some walks when unavailable thru walking/hiking groups.

The rock band & special events appeal to larger audiences while our dinners and regular events are usually attended by smaller groups allowing for close encounters (of the Eclectic kind). Our dinners are in Monmouth and immediate surrounding areas so you can see friends you have previously made in the group. Also, diners pay only for their own food and drinks even though not always on separate checks. Separate checks restricts the variety of venues. Never a membership fee or solicitation for dues or chip ins with this group.

Suggestions on events are always welcome, however as a general rule, if you want something posted be prepared to host. (just show up on time and be friendly). Volunteers most welcome.

Beware of imitations!


Please upload a personal photo when joining so members can be identified at events.

Please be sure to rsvp if planning to attend an event. Its best to rsvp when events are first posted, as events subject to cancellation if low rsvps. If you find you can't attend then update. If you forget to rsvp and attend you will be added as having attended and reminded to rsvp in future.

Please change your RSVP at least 24 hours in advance, if not attending, especially if there is a wait list. Our arrangements with venues depends on turnout. Habitual no-shows will be flagged and removed after given warnings as its not fair to the hosts and restaurants.

No political "discussions" permitted. Do that elsewhere.

Spreading of gossip to injure another's reputation is prohibited.

Members will be removed if they repeatedly fail to honor our basic policies. We aim to be the best - not the biggest.

DISCLAIMER: Attendance at an event signifies you have read and accepted this liability disclaimer, that you are responsible for your own (and your guests) preparedness and well-being, and agree not to hold anyone else liable in case of injury or mishap.

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