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This is a group for anyone interested in meeting new like minded people, sharing and implementing new ideas, self-educating and finding ways to create a more sustainable future. We organise film screenings, discussion groups, workshops, community gardening sessions, upcycling workshops and whatever else the members are up to! We have also started the Permaculture Community Classroom (PCC), held every two weeks at Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC). The PCC is a project of participatory education meaning that the attendees decide what they want to learn, and how they want to learn it!

All welcome! This group was created to bring together environmental enthusiasts regardless of ethnic background, ability, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, and family situation.

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Online 1 to 1 clothing repair support and guidance (free)

Do you have clothes that need repairs but you're unsure where to start? Join a one to one 30 minutes coaching session with Fahmida who will individually teach you new skills and guide you on what you need to do to get your clothes repaired or mended. You could: - learn how to use a sewing machine. -How to thread machine -How to tailor a basic top/blouse (kamiz) -How to tailor a basic trouser (salowar) - mend skirts, trousers, shirts, fix buttons - repair a t-shirt, old curtains, bed sheets, duvet cover, pillow cover, etc - repair a dress or making a new dress. - individual project Please have your clothes and material ready. Any questions, please feel free to email [masked] Book your slot by clicking here and indicating your preferred time slot: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwkf-yorjosGdCxVN38dHUdZ1uF2CGtfom1 Here are the different times available. It will be on a first come first served basis. Wednesday 29th July: 4-4:30 4:30-5 5:5:30 Wednesday 5th August: 4-4:30 4:30-5 5:5:30 Wednesday 12th August: 4-4:30 4:30-5 5:5:30

Coastal Foraging, Wild Eating! (Online & Open to All)

Online event

Special guest, Jayson Byles of East Neuk Seaweed (www.eastneukseaweed.com) introduces us to coastal foraging in the intertidal zone. He will cover aspects from his book ‘Thriving in the Intertidal’ (www.eastneukseaweed.com/thrive - a unique guide to helping you work with the dynamism of the tides) including the essential tools and best approaches you need to survive and thrive when seeking wild seaweed harvests. He will also introduce us to some of the diverse uses of some of the most popular seaweeds available from the coasts of Scotland Join us on Zoom ... https://us04web.zoom.us/j/78852671238?pwd=aEJHOVNGT1B1aVEzWWFlc0M5N093UT09 Zoom password: 7bQNf8 Being in the Intertidal zone can be an enjoyable, enriching experience. It can also be treacherous without some knowledge and planning. ****** About Jayson Jayson teaches Coastal Foraging workshops (https://www.eastneukseaweed.com/seaweedschool) for a living, and is committed to equipping everyone with a healthy respect for the abundant, sometimes hazardous and consistently awe-inspiring place that is: where land, sea and sky meet. Jayson is a keen forager with a passion for being outdoors and exploring sustainable ways of relating to nature. Since coming to Scotland ten years ago, I have been on a journey to integrate my Maori heritage with the landscape and culture of these lands. Many years working in cuisine kitchens and edible gardens has given me practical skills and a love of food; it also means I can make a tasty meal in most situations! ****** About East Neuk Seaweed (www.eastneukseaweed.com) Regenerative practise is at the heart of East Neuk Seaweed encompassing respect for our natural resources and an awareness of the legacy we leave for future generations, this is the characteristic, spirit and culture that we aspire to inspire. Our Mission: What we do To excite, educate and empower people to reduce their environmental impact by eating wild, locally produced and seasonal. We integrate with local food, conservation and community projects, and highlight the positive links and interconnection between our well-being and planetary health. More about the Permaculture Community Classroom ... Interested in permaculture, but don't know how to get more hands-on? Put off by the cost and commitment of full design courses? Want to find a space to explore, share and learn about all different aspects of this weird thing 'permaculture'? The Permaculture Community Classroom is the answer to all of these! All you need is to come with an idea, a resource or a topic of discussion which you would like to share. If you don't have one, just come with an open mind and willingness to learn. Whatever comes up is what we will talk about and whoever is there are the right people. It also depends a lot on what came up in the previous session. These sessions are intended for discussion and learning, so debate and (friendly!) disagreement are encouraged. Some prior knowledge/experience of permaculture is great in order to delve deeper into the topics we come across, but all levels from ignorant to expert will be warmly welcomed. ------------------------ Why join us? Well, so far at The Permaculture Community Classroom we have collected a library of over 30 permaculture-relevant books and half a dozen DVDs, two full harddrives (2TBs!!!) of permaculture-relevant films, documents and pdf books and lots of enthusiastic, practical and smiley folk! And the resources just keep growing and growing, free for all to use of course. ---------- We normally meet in the Apex Café at Merchiston Campus, Napier University, but due to current restrictions and closures we are meeting online using Zoom. Please click use the link above to join us.

Cycling classes (beginner and intermediate)


Interested in learning how to cycle or want to get on a bike but lack the confidence or ability? Join our free cycling classes every Saturday at NKS, 7 Gillespie St, Edinburgh EH3 9NH: Please register your interest to [masked] The cycling classes are starting again tomorrow and every Saturday at NKS, 7 Gillespie St, Edinburgh EH3 9NH 10am for beginners 11:30am for Intermediates ELREC is organising cycling classes which are FREE and OPEN to ALL. We provide bikes and run through exercises and fun games to learn cycling skills in a relaxed environment. The approach is progressive and fun. Feedback from participants has been fantastic so far. We also have access to an indoors space with tea and coffee for breaks. Children are welcome under adult supervision but the number of kids bikes is limited. Beginners class happens in a safe environment (no cars) and consists in going over the basics: -Balancing -Mounting and dismounting -Breaking and Stopping – Steering -Changing gears Intermediate class happens both in a safe environment and in a residential area with low traffic. It consists of going over: – More advanced games and exercises – Coordination – How to be safe on the road – Signalling, positioning and turning – Roundabouts – etc. Our aim is to help you go to a level where you can cycle safely on the road and to give you the SKILLS and CONFIDENCE to use your bike more often rather than your car! If interested, please register your interest to [masked] Hope to see you soon. FEEL FREE TO INVITE FRIENDS

Grow your own - community garden in Wester Hailes

Wester Hailes Allotment

Hi All, Join us at our weekly community garden sessions in Wester Hailes this coming Saturday morning from 11 am to 1 pm if you want to practically learn how to grow food and share your expertise of growing. I will bring tea, coffee and biscuits. We will meet at the gates of the allotment at 11 am. Looking forward to it. Fabien

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Grow your own - community garden in Wester Hailes

Wester Hailes Allotment

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