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Edinburgh Skeptics Society promotes science, reason and critical thinking in Edinburgh and Scotland. We have recently launched a Podcast (http://www.edinburghskeptics.co.uk/podcasts/) if you are further afield.

Come along if you enjoy thought-provoking talks and discussions and friendly social meets. We have several events each month, as well during the Edinburgh Science Festival and Fringe (http://www.edinburghskeptics.co.uk/fringe/). Most events are free, but we ask for donations to cover costs (like this meetup group) and speakers' travel and accommodation. We Respect People and Challenge Ideas (http://www.edinburghskeptics.co.uk/about/respect/).

Please RSVP - it helps us estimate numbers. Unfortunately space is limited, so if you are late we may not be able to hold your place.

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Sean Slater - 5G Pseudoscience

Online event

Join Edinburgh Skeptics for the first of our #SkepticsLockdown online events. Our Vice-Chair, Sean Slater, presents an updated version of his recent talk "5G or Not 5G – Taking Arms Against the Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Pseudoscience". You can join our live Q&A via YouTube, via Twitter using the hashtag #SkepticsLockdown, or via email at [masked]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_-aofzwg3A&fbclid=IwAR2cZ75-9cmQISyx7A95RzeYajUUp9RVZXCiL8WZlLRqR7SEdDD-lN4K8Xw 5th generation mobile networks are coming in for increasing criticism by otherwise reputable sources and commentators. Its been demonised as mind-control, as using ‘untested, weapons-grade, ultra-high frequency technology’ and to cause severe harm to the population just by existing. Is it a back-door for governments to manage their population through technology? Are we simply leaving ourselves open to overseas countries to infiltrate our national infrastructure? Are there real dangers to this new technology? Sean Slater will try and address these fears head on and create some clarity around what 5G is and what it is not.

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Brexit: What Comes Next? - Michael Dougan

The Banshee Labyrinth

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