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A Lightworker is someone who shines their inner light brightly by being a good and kind person. Each meeting Is a new wonderful and positive experience! At most of the meetings there is a group conversation discussing a variety of different topics, presentations and great conversations. A Lightworker’s meeting is a great place to learn, to share, and to meet like minded people! Feel free to attend any upcoming meeting!

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Edmonton Lightworker’s Meeting-#89

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Hello Everyone, We are excited and looking forward to the meeting happening on Sunday May 22nd 2022, at 1:00pm.

During the meeting I will talk about Chakra Clearing, and how doing a daily Chakra Clearing Meditation has helped me to feel more clear and rejuvenated. I will talk about positive affirmations, and how saying positive affirmations has helped me to have a positive mindset, and has helped me to feel more joy. I will talk about Manifestation and Positive affirmations. I will talk about how shielding and protecting my energy, has helped me to feel more energized.

The meeting link and passcode will be sent in a message to the attendees a few days before the meeting.

Love and Many Blessings, Joleena Cameron and Organizers.

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Edmonton Lightworker’s Meeting-#88

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