What we're about

How much of our resources should be given to improve the world? Of all the ways to make a difference, what will have the greatest impact? What are the best charities? Madison Effective Altruism is a group which meets to discuss these ideas.

Updated 21 September 2021:

Due to low membership and organizer capacity, Effective Altruism Madison won't be hosting events in the near future. We will cross-post events hosted by the UW EA student org that may also be of interest to non-students (e.g. socials, career advice, giving games). Check them out here: https://eauw.org/.

We encourage you to email the Effective Altruism Madison organizers with any questions about causes, careers, or the EA community. If we don't have an answer, we can probably connect you to someone who does!

Mary Wang, mmwang@wisc.edu: cross-cultural communication (especially China), long-termism, academia

Emma Cameron, emilia.m.cameron@gmail.com: farmed animal welfare, mentorship for people of marginalized genders in EA (https://www.wanbam.com/)

Hollis Howe, hollisjb@protonmail.ch: wild animal welfare, science communications

Useful links

Effectivealtruism.org (http://www.effectivealtruism.org/) - a good intro to EA

Effective Altruism UW-Madison (https://eauw.org/)

Effective Altruism Forum (http://www.effective-altruism.com/)

Effective Altruists Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/effective.altruists/) - posts & discussion from EAs all over the world

GiveWell (http://www.givewell.org/) - charity evaluator

Animal Charity Evaluators (http://www.animalcharityevaluators.org/)

Giving What We Can (https://www.givingwhatwecan.org/) - international giving community

80,000 Hours (http://www.80000hours.org/) - career resource for those interested in making an impact

EA Madison was founded in Oct 2014 by Gina & Ben, and 25% of the credit for our effort was sold in Jan 2016 (impactpurchase.org).

Past events (79)

Effective Altruism Social at James Madison Park

James Madison Park

Introduction to Effective Altruism

This event has passed

EA on the Rocks: Home Edition - COVID and Global Health

This event has passed

EA on the Rocks (Virtual)

This event has passed