What we're about

How much of our resources should be given to improve the world? Of all the ways to make a difference, what will have the greatest impact? What are the best charities? Madison Effective Altruism is a group which meets to discuss these ideas.

In addition to open discussions and social events, we will continue a series of presentations on effective cause areas (led by group members). Check out the presentation on "The Overwhelming Importance of the Future" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG5lg7aOEqM).

Useful links

Effectivealtruism.org (http://www.effectivealtruism.org/) - a good intro to EA

Effective Altruism Forum (http://www.effective-altruism.com/)

Effective Altruists Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/effective.altruists/) - posts & discussion from EAs all over the world

GiveWell (http://www.givewell.org/) - charity evaluator

Animal Charity Evaluators (http://www.animalcharityevaluators.org/)

Giving What We Can (https://www.givingwhatwecan.org/) - international giving community

80,000 Hours (http://www.80000hours.org/) - career resource for those interested in making an impact

EA Madison was founded in Oct 2014 by Gina & Ben, and 25% of the credit for our effort was sold in Jan 2016 (impactpurchase.org).

Upcoming events (3)

U.S. - China Policy Discussion Meetup

Barriques Coffee Shop

Come join a discussion about U.S. China policy. Below are links to a few podcasts that provide helpful background on recent events though you are not expected to listen to all of them before the event: U.S.-China Policy discussion from Lawfare: https://www.lawfareblog.com/lawfare-podcast-nsi-conversation-us-china-policy CNAS discussion on the recent 5G executive order: https://www.cnas.org/publications/podcast/cnas-tech-discussing-a-long-awaited-executive-order-on-5g-security Helen Toner from Georgetown's CSET discussing misconceptions about China and AI: http://rationallyspeakingpodcast.org/show/rs-231-helen-toner-on-misconceptions-about-china-and-artific.html 80000 Hours has written about the importance of having a better understanding of China in order to increase cooperation between the US and China. https://80000hours.org/articles/china-careers/#why-is-it-important-to-understand-china

EA Madison Coworking

Josh H Jacobson

Do you have a personal project that you need to set aside some focused time for? Do you just want some more accountability to being productive on things you are working on? Come join other folks from Effective Altruism Madison for a day of coworking! We will use the Pomodoro Technique (25 minutes working, 5 minutes break). The first Pomodoro will start at 11:15 am. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

EA Global Discussion

Cargo Coffee

Several folks from Madison attended Effective Altruism Global in San Francisco this year. We'll meet at Cargo Coffee to talk about what they learned!

Past events (69)

EA on the Rocks

Plaza Tavern & Grill Inc

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