March Ember.js SF Meetup!

Hosted by Ember.js San Francisco

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Hey everybody! You can mark your calendars for the second Ember.js meetup in San Francisco, Tuesday, March 27th! A big thank you to dotCloud for hosting this time.

This time, we'll be having two lightning talks and, by popular request, a longer talk giving in introduction to Ember for people who are exploring the framework for the first time.

Comparing Ember.js and jQuery in the same app

Yusuf Simonson

At dotCloud, we wanted to design a web app that allows users to interact with a SQL database. We created two versions of the web app: one using Ember.js data, and one using vanilla jQuery.This allowed us to compare the versions and see where Ember.js data saved us effort, and where it could be improved.

Racer.js as a model store for Ember

Joffrey Fuhrer

Using Ember-specific features, mixins and observers, we are able to make an efficient interface between an Ember Array (or any sort of custom collection implementing the Mutable Enumerable interface) or a single Ember Object and the racer model, with changes propagated two-way.

Introduction to Ember

Erik Bryn

Core team member Erik Bryn will give an overview of Ember for those who are considering the framework for the first time.