Meet Your Angels for Healing and Guidance


- Do you want to know who your angels or spirit guides are?
- Would you like to connect with them?
- Do you have an issue you would like to get some healing or guidance on?

If you are curious about connecting with your angels or guides, then come to this experiential class.

We all have guardian angels and/or spirit guides protecting and guiding us. They can help us with many issues.

The intention of this class is to connect you with your angels and guides for the purpose of healing and receiving guidance for your current life issues. The energy felt from these spiritual guides can be so loving and healing and the guidance can be just the thing you need to hear.

You will be led on a guided hypnotic meditation to connect to your angels or guides. Using hypnotic techniques, the experience can be enriching, healing and sometimes vivid. This is an enjoyable, positive experience. Come try it out.

This class is open to all who wish to heal from emotional/spiritual/physical pain or are just curious about tapping into their own healing abilities or who would like the opportunity to meditate.

Good for beginners - it makes meditation easy and fun.

Good for advanced practitioners - it helps to dive deeper into your consciousness and wisdom.

ADMISSION: Early Bird: $20 by Monday, July 15 12:00 PM
Regular admission: $ 25
Bring a friend and it's $20 each


This class is led by Mee Vaj, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master and founder of Empowered Mind Wellness LLC in Long Beach. She is certified in Past Life Regression, Spiritual Regression and Therapeutic Imagery Master. She is very passionate about helping people heal from their struggles. In addition to helping clients one-on-one, she enjoys facilitating healing meditation classes to help more people achieve success and happiness in their lives.


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