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Free Chakra Balancing | Energy Healing
Cleanse and balance your Body, Aura, and Chakras with our 30-minute Group or One on One Healings. Either format will remove stagnant and use less energy and leave you feeling relaxed, light and positive.tive. “Quantum entanglement occurs when one particle is divided into two, and a distance is created between the two. It is a law of nature that even when physically separated, these two particles will influence each other – instantly.” Our Group Healings at Yoga of the Mind are integrating the synergy of everyone healing together while drawing on natural quantum healing energies that gently and thoroughly clear your chakras and aura. Quantum healing energy is at the core of the effectiveness of these sessions. David Stevens, The Founder of Yoga of the Mind, leads these healings using his many years of experience. In addition to drawing on Quantum energy during these sessions, each person’s natural healing power will be activated. The synergy of everyone doing this together creates a powerful healing vortex that dissolves limitations and opens new possibilities for each participant, according to what they want and need. Toward the end of the healing, positive energy traits such as peace, confidence, and enthusiasm will be shared with everyone. You don’t need any previous knowledge or experience to benefit from these healings, because the healing energy is already inside of you. Special Healing Requests: Before the session, each participant will have the opportunity to write down a private request they wish to have healed. David intuitively tailors each session to those present and will include your healing requests during the session. Group Healing Sessions require no payment, but if you are able a donation of $5 or so helps us continue this service. When Every Tuesday 5:30 – 6:45 pm | The first group session starts at 5:34 pm, with a second session beginning at 6:15 pm Every Second Sunday Noon-1pm | The first group session starts at noon and the second beginning at 12:34 pm Paid One on One Healing Sessions are also available: We will have a limited number of one on one sessions available for you to work with one of our experienced healers, $10 for 15-20 minutes. Our healers are genuinely gifted and worth far more than this modest fee. The time frame is 5:30-6:45 pm. You can just drop-in, but to ensure a session prepay and register below. We accept Cash, Credit Card or Check. Register on our website Contact:[masked] [masked]

Yoga of the Mind Classroom

8 East 1st Avenue, Suite 103 (Office above the Hornet Restaurant) · Denver, CO

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This group is going to support a community of individuals that want to better utilize their intuition and eenergy healing abilities to help others and themselves to create richer lives. To be active participants in the direction of your life not simply acting on old thoughts and patterns.

Our Meetups will be designed improved your intuitive awareness and attunement to the world of energy which is all around you.

If you are already resonate with this energy realm and would like more ways to interact with these energies we also highly recommend this group.

Our meet ups will benefit you, if you are just looking into this realm or are seasoned seeker. All levels will find this to be a very inspired space that encourages your unique intuitive voice to be your guide.

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