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Calling all spiritual seekers and lost souls that are tired of the unsatisfactory nature of existence. The Awakened One has shown us the path to true happiness and now it's up to us to put in the practice in order to achieve liberation. The process requires a strong foundation of meditation to develop a still and focused mind. The development of pure love and compassion is also necessary to help rid us of our dualistic tendencies that keeps us from awakening into our truth nature. The path isn't easy but the peace of mind that you'll eventually achieve is well-worth the effort. Come join us for the most exciting adventure that you can partake: the adventure within the dark catacombs of your own mind.

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Tara Sadhana: Udumvara Flower

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Manjushri empowerment

RigDzin Buddhist Center

Public Talk: What Is Meditation?

RigDzin Buddhist Center

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