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This group is for newcomers and experienced people alike. It will be of particular interest to:

Enneagram enthusiasts: You already know the Enneagram through workshops or coaching and want to stay engaged and deepen your knowledge and understanding. Perhaps you’d like to find new ways of working with and applying the Enneagram, in relationships, at work, in your mindfulness or tai chi practice – whatever it may be.

Enneagram professionals: You’d like to build connections, hear about current developments, exchange ideas, have opportunities to deepen your learning, share and practice your Enneagram skills… etc!

Intrigued newcomers: The Enneagram has caught your attention, you're feeling curious and want to know more? Nothing beats face to face learning and first hand experience. This is particularly true of the Enneagram - as you'll find out when you come along!


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Type 5, The Observer, whose Defence Mechanism is Isolation of Affect

This year’s topic is the Defence Mechanisms, which lock in our emotional fixations and habits of mind, separating us from others and from our true selves and our higher purpose.

We needed our defences when we were growing up – and we still need them from time to time, but usually not for very long. By now, however, they are automatic, long-lasting and over-used. They get us into trouble and cause us to over-react. The Enneagram offers us a route map to learn how to manage them, giving us the opportunity to become more flexible, to connect better with others and to achieve our full potential.

Once we know our type, we know what we need to work on and, although defences are not easily relaxed, a commitment to personal growth makes a huge difference.

For Type 5, who experiences the world as demanding and intrusive, the way to remain calm, rational and independent, is by isolating themselves from others, especially other peoples' messy emotions. Of course, as those with Type 5 patterns eventually come to realise, their withdrawal not only cuts them off from the world but, paradoxically, it invites intrusion.

Once again, as an experiment, I am providing the Zoom link and asking for a suggested donation of £5 (but you can give more) to my PayPal account: https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=2VFD8XKK8X37E

The Zoom link for the session is:
Meeting ID:[masked]

Rosemary will facilitate the panel to explain how their defence works. This way we hear from the experts, explaining things from the inside, which is a great way for panellists to learn about themselves and for others to learn about the types.

If you recognise you have the pattern of Type 5 and would like to volunteer to share your experience of this type, please contact Rosemary. Confidentiality guidelines are set out at each session and nothing is recorded.

Schedule for 2021

Summer Break during July and August

Wednesdays, online[masked]pm:
29th September
Type 6, The Questioner, whose Defence Mechanism is Projection
27th October
Type 7, The Adventurer, whose Defence Mechanism is Rationalisation
24th November
Type 8, The Protector, whose Defence Mechanism is Denial

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SAVE THE DATE: Enneafest 2021 The Enneagram in Action

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Reconnect in person at EnneaFest 2021
NEW DATE: October 9-10, 2021, Birmingham, UK

Whilst the 2020 world of Zoom and virtual learning has been fantastic in many ways, that personal element has been missing. Enneagram Alive is passionate about bringing people back together in person once again. So, we have put together a special weekend programme of discussions, idea sharing and socialising with Enneagram professionals, students and anyone working with the Enneagram for their own personal and spiritual development. Visit


for details of this diverse and packed programme of stimulating events
and register your interest or to book your place.

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