New Novel & Non-obvious Marketable & Commercializable Business Ideas in AI


Meeting Agenda

- Introduction of DE INCUBATOR PTE. LTD., Singapore
- Brief Interaction with Attendees
- Discussion on Disruptive Innovation & Growth Hacking via the De Incubator Strategy
- New Novel & Non-obvious Marketable & Commercializable Business Ideas in AI
- Interactive Q&A Session
- Drinks Party

Intended/Targeted Audience

- Researchers - Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)/Inventors/Innovators
- Potential Investors/Granters/Funders/Awarders/Adjudicators
- Potential Investees/Incubatees/Awardees/Grantees
- Potential Technology/IP Transferrers/Transferees/ Licensees/ Licencors/Buyers/Sellers
- Technology/Innovation/Investment/Financial Intermediaries
- Potential Entrepreneurs
- Potential Job Seekers
- - Potential Academic Job Seekers
- - Potential Corporate Job Seekers


Event Fees: 400 SGD (Inclusive of lunch)


Executive Vice President - Intellectual Property Rights (EVP-IPR) & Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), mySkin, Inc. (Evonik)

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About the Host

Dr. Rajiv Ranjan is a CXO Coach, Veteran Strategist, Constituted Attorney, Corporate US Patent Practitioner and Advance Patent Agent, Veteran Computer Scientist, Serial Disruptive Innovator, Domain-Agnostic Subject Matter Expert (SME) and had/has been a strategic adviser to various corporate and academic institutions including MNCs, like Schneider Electric, mySkin-Partly Invested by Evonik, Altran, PowerSquare, Silabtech (now Silicon&Beyond)-Acquired by Synopsys, Pangea3-Acquired by Thompson Reuters, Inventurus-A Captive Cost Center of Haynes & Boone, LLP, Standard & Poor’s (S&P’s) Corporate Value Consulting - McGraw-Hill, India Accelerator, WNS Global, etc. in various areas including high-end technologies, marketing, finance, law and IP. Besides, Rajiv is also advisor to international investors and board of directors of various companies and also an advanced technology, innovation and investment intermediary.

Dr. Rajiv has solo- or co-ideated, co-invented, drafted, filed, prosecuted, asserted and enforced more than 3000 advanced and complex technology patent applications. He is a multi-skilled professional with extensive knowledge in Technology, Patents, Trademarks, Investments, Licensing, Strategy and Branding. He is world class expert in various technologies including IoT, Blockchain, Quantum Positioning, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Computing, Cloud Computing, Robotics, Cryptocurrency, SAAS, SOA, NB-IoT, LORA, Bio-Signal Processing, Biomechanics, Biophysics and others. He is positioned among top 1% profile on LinkedIn and well connected with and professionally advised CEOs/CTOs of various MNCs, scientists, bureaucrats, and investors.

Organizer: HARRY, Singapore
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