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Learn more about Erlang and Elixir, the highly concurrent programming languages built on the Erlang VM. Have a chance to meet fellow developers interested in Erlang, Elixir, LFE, JOXAand OTP. Cast messages about interesting tricks and cool hacks, and -- most importantly -- have fun().

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Abstractions, Casts, and Extensions; oh my!

383 Rhode Island St

Change.org will be hosting 2 great talks this month. Come join us to learn about extending Ecto with custom types and useful abstractions around GenStage! Agenda: --------------------- 6:30 Doors open, food and networking! 7:00 Talks begin Talks: ----------- Eric Saxby - Casting against type(s), About the speaker: It took a while for Eric to come around to programming, trying a few other careers first. Now he focuses on the intersection of code and process, using buzzwords such as TDD, agile, XP, and devops to describe his ham-fisted hammering on keyboards. He finds it most interesting when code fails, and why. Summary: Coercing and validating user input can lead to painful code. Casting language primitives is done by Ecto, and storage problems that once required thought are solved by convention—time is stored in UTC, money without floating points. Managing our own types often gets ugly, though: standard vs metric; currency conversion; jsonb. Extending Ecto is simple. With custom types, we can separate casting from formatting and dramatically improve the readability and maintainability of applications. ----------- Justin Almeida - Broadway, using GenStage at Change.org About the speaker: Justin is a software engineer who is passionate about using his talents to create a better world around him. He has been using Elixir in production for a few years and can't imagine having to leave the BEAM. Summary: Broadway is a new abstraction over GenStage that makes setting up concurrent, multi-stage data ingestion and data processing pipelines simple. In this talk, he'll discuss Broadway itself, along with a few of the use cases Change has been exploring with this powerful new library.

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