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April Meetup at TheRealReal (6th floor)

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This month TheRealReal is generously hosting so make sure to come to the right address. Please be sure to come to the 6th floor.


Andrew Hao -- Intro to Load Testing with Tsung
Andrew is a software engineer, living in Oakland and working with SF-based product development agency Carbon Five. He loves trail running, making music, and any adventures he can have in the mountains.

Tsung is an Erlang-based load testing tool with the ability to stress servers, leveraging the unique nature of the Erlang VM to handle massively parallel network connections. In this lightning talk, we'll go over how to set up a Tsung load test and run one. We'll then learn how to use the proxy recorder to easily build a real workflow to get production-like load behavior in our environments!

Gary Button -- Separation of Concerns
Software Engineer at The Real Real

Separating data in a monolith and extending that out to microservices.

Jordi Adame -- Building a bank (as a service) with Elixir
CTO Resuelve, co founder of econduce: shared electric scooters in mexico city

Banking is by far the most regulated financial activity in Mexico, and probably the whole world. Many fintech startups in Mexico have saving-account needs that currently have to operate under uncertain conditions; Mexican authorities could force them to close up shop at any time without notice. The process to obtain the license needed to manage saving accounts takes at least 4 years, and the technical and legal requirements can easily end up costing more than a million dollars. Very few startups in Mexico have that kind of cash or lawyer-army. We at Resuelve have both the resources and the need for a new kind of bank, so we decided to build it. We decided to build a never-before-seen kind of bank in Mexico: a bank as a service. This way we won’t be the only ones benefitting from it; the entire fintech community in Mexico (and eventually the rest of Latin America) will have access. Obviously, we’re building this new bank with Elixir, and we want to share our experiences with the community so that we can all learn from this awesome project.

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