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This is a community created for people to come together and learn about essential oils, how they heal, and how they can be used for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. New and experienced meditators. As well as people interested in Reiki, sound-forks, crystal, and Tibetan bowls, and natural skin care products made with essential oils… be a part of the light! Lots of love Kristin and Noreen

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Ancestral & Systemic Constellations with Noreen Benning

Online event


Join me, Facilitator Noreen Benning to receive a healing Family System Constellation, represent and witness to heal blockages or triggers about relationships, career, direction, health, stress, anxiety, depression, money, or abundance to free entangled energy and create more freedom and flow of love, happiness, and abundance in your life.

Time:[masked]pm MST
Exchange $100. Confirm with DM or email and etransfer of $100 to [masked]
$50 non refundable. Zoom link will be emailed after confirmation.

I received 1 year of 21 day training from Lea Bill in 2016 and 1 year of 20 day training from Jonathan Hooten in 2018. As well as 5 day advanced training from Jonathan Hooten. 2 day facilitator training from Mark Wolyn. A relationship and peace workshop with Angwyn and Karl Heinz. A workshop on trauma training with Johannes Schmidt.

We will start with a short sound healing meditation to open our chakras to Source and earth energy, with Tibetan bowls, chimes and sound forks to sing in the 7 Solar angels from the 7 directions including the heart.

"A Family Constellation is a three-dimensional group process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work, who studied and treated families for more than 50 years, observed that many of us unconsciously "take on" destructive familial patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, aloneness, alcoholism and even illness as a way of "belonging" in our families. Bonded by a deep love, a child will often sacrifice his own best interests in a vain attempt to ease the suffering of a parent or other family member.

Family Constellations allow us to break these patterns so that we can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. The results can be life-changing."

You will be held in safe space for healing as I am also a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki practitioner and teacher, aromatherapist, and sound practitioner with extensive experience holding space for healing, trauma, and working with the field.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you wish to have a 10–5 min chat about the process and to answer any questions. Hope to meet you soon. Love & blessings, Noreen 💖

Full Moon Sacred Womb Circle with oils

Online event


This is a Sacred Women's Healing Circle to love, heal, honour, and empower our feminine, our bodies, our sisters and mothers in a sacred circle of women. To soften, to take time and connect to ourselves, to hear our inner voice, to meditate, to let go and anchor our hearts vision into our bodies and bring it forth in our lives.

We come together to support each other to heal and empower through our feminine. It is ancient Goddess and Priestess activations, meditations and remembering of the feminine with Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine Masters and Teachers through prayers, guided meditation, singing together and healing.

We will be activating Christ Consciousness, unconditional love in our hearts with the support of Ascended Masters Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene) and Lord Sananda (Jeshua). We will activate this energy for ourselves and others created in our hearts through receiving as well as singing together Magdalene song tones. They help to clear blockages to divine energy flowing into our chakras from above and below. As well I will be surrounding us with Holy Fire Karuna Reiki and prayers.

We will focus lovingly on our wombs and hearts to connect deeply and powerfully to our bodies. This is a supportive, loving women's circle to awaken gently and lovingly our sensuality, sexuality and body in a sacred, holy manner. We clear and release negative emotions like anger, sadness,jealousy, and fear from our wombs, bodies and energy fields so that all of our feminine relationships may heal and empower us together. We work to gently and lovingly activate our sexual healing energy for ourselves and to share as we wish with others. Every woman is a mirror for our own healing and wounding. When we are kind, loving, and supportive to ourselves and other women with Divine Love magic can happen.

You will be in a place safe for healing with Holy Fire Karuna Reiki. I have training as a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master & teacher, sound healing, aromatherapy, Family Constellation facilitator, breathwork facilitator, flower essence practitioner, sing and teach the Magdalene and Jeshua song tones of Kaliana Rose, and have tantric women's training with Anaiya Sophia. I diffuse sacred, relaxing and healing Young living essential oils and use them with Australian Grailhaven flower essences for our wombs.

We meditate as I sing in the 7 Solar Angels from the 7 directions with Magdalene songs from Kaliana Rose and Tibetan bowls, share intentions, pick cards, do a Munay ki womb clearing meditation and sing for our female line, the earth and all to clear suppression of the feminine, give and receive healing in a circle of singing women, and share tea and our experience.

We are creating a beautiful and powerful group of supportive, loving and creative empowered women. Come deepen with Self-love, unfold your gifts, open your sensuality and sexuality and strengthen your Divine intuition and guidance with love together with your Sisters. I hope that you can join us. Let's Empower Each Other!

No canibis, drugs, alcohol or caffeine is recommended 24-48 hrs before or more and recommended after to be a pure vessel for Source energy. Thank you.

It is on Zoom online and I will send the link after registration and confirmation payment. I recommend diffusing essential oils like rose, geranium, lavender, orange, patchouli, cinnamon, frankincense, or jasmine for deeper healing and connection. DM to order.

Wed May 26, 2021 from 630-9pm.
Earlybird $35 by Sat. May 15 via etransfer to [masked] or $40 after and at the circle. Blessings, Noreen 💕🌹

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