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What we’re about

Welcome to all speakers of all languages who want to use or learn about The international language, Esperanto.
Beginners are more than welcome. Bonvenu!
Esperanto is an EASY language to learn... but it's a full language, so it will take some work... just a lot less work than almost all ethnic/national languages.
Esperanto's goal is to be everyone's SECOND language, so that if you don't know the other person's language, you could use Esperanto as a bridge for communication.
We meet IN PERSON and VIRTUALLY throughout the year.
In general:
- we meet on the first Saturday of each month
- there are Conversation groups on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings
- There are also Tuesday evening classes/discussions at Stanford's International Center - see and/or
- VIRTUAL: All of the 2nd Wednesday meetings.
- In PERSON: All of the 4th Wednesday meetings.
- IN PERSON: In January, we replace the usual meeting with our Annual ZAMENHOF Dinner. - date and location to be decided
- IN PERSON: Our May meeting is usually a barbecue at a private home in Oakland. Please make contact for details.
- IN PERSON: During the summer, some time, we have at least one outing together. And maybe a picnic too! :)
- IN PERSON: Around December 15 we have a "birthday party" gathering for the founder of Esperanto, Doctor ZAMENHOF.
- September, due to the Labor Day weekend, we may move the meeting to the SECOND Saturday.
- VIRTUAL: All other First Saturday meetings.
Stay in touch for details.
Call Steĉjo Schwichow, 415-680-0848, for more information.
Please DO NOT use the Meetup messaging system as it is totally ignored. Please contact us via . Dankon!

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