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The Parcel Fabric Meetup is a global community of passionate land records/cadastral professionals. Each meeting the team or a community member will present latest technology or a real implementation followed by questions and feedback.

At the Meetups, you can expect to:

· Stay current with technology and promote best practices.

· Demonstrate your land records / cadastral system and share your experiences.

· Connect with other professionals as yourself.

Our meetings are shared online (webcast) with physical meetings in conferences and social events.

Meetings are recorded and shared on Geonet.

To join, please provide your full name and answer a few questions.

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How to Interpret and Map a Legal Description

Online event

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The common assumption that interpreting a legal description is a simple matter of using the geometry contained in the description to completely map the property. This assumption is incorrect - there are a multitude of factors that impact the location and geometry of the property. This presentation will begin to explore the nuances in the process, including the differing methods for mapping the three different types of legal descriptions, considerations of all information contained within the description, monuments and which monuments are important in building the parcel geometry and which are not important.

Presenter: Frank Conkling
About Frank: Frank Conkling is the owner of Panda Consulting, a Professional Surveyor and Mapper in Florida and a Professional GIS Surveyor in South Carolina, served as an adjunct professor teaching surveying and mapping at the local college for over a dozen years, a past president of the Florida Association of Cadastral Mappers and a current member of the Florida Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers. Frank has taught a multitude of classes in the interpretation of legal descriptions for everyone from Title Examiners, to surveying students, to parcel mappers to lay people interested in learning how to read a legal description.

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What's New - Parcel Fabric @ArcGIS Pro 2.9!!!

Online event

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We are excited to share the new Parcel Fabric capabilities for ArcGIS Pro 2.9.

Here are some of the new capabilities:
1. Highlight Gaps and Overlaps tool
2. Importing parcel fabric attribute rules - smart, fast, and easy
3. Predefined layers used to evaluate your data
4. What does the new field 'RetiredParcelCount' on the records table do?
5. How to keep your fixed point from moving?
6. Improved COGO labeling for lines using a new field called LabelPostion (right, left, centered)
7. Geoprocessing tool 'Import Parcel Fabric Points' can now Update Or Create new points or Both
8. Geoprocessing tool 'Upgrade ArcMap Parcel Fabric' can delete your identical lines
9. Divide your parcels from any client - Divide is not exposed on the REST API
10. A correction in a wrong direction in a traverse will propagate to all subsequent tangent courses.
11. Reconcile can run Async using the reconcile geoprocessing tool
12. ...

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