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What we’re about

THE TIME IS NOW ... to unite and manifest wonders in these amazing times of great transformation ... at the end of an age of fear and separation ... as we move into an age of love and connection ... re-connect with soul sisters and brothers ... share insights and information ... tune into Mother Earth and nature's rhythm and dance together ... be uplifted by Uni-Versal sounds ... experience Love and Unity ... re-creation ... you are invited to join us ... Hope you can make it ... ૐ♥☼

Illumination through Celebration

E Ecstatic
S Sacred
S Space
E Enhancing
N Natural
S Spiritual
E Experience

Infusing spirit and celebration,
connecting and raising consciousness,
experiencing Unity through
Love, Light & Joy ૐ♥☼

Essense produces an inspiring mix of conscious performance and spiritual intention and uplifts all your senses and spirit, mind, body and emotions in a variety of ways...

Including conscious live musical performance and a wonderful progression of uplifting live and DJ'd dance and chillout music with many who have DJd since the mid 1990s, playing various uplifting styles... spiritual, shamanic, tribal, celtic, funky, epic, progressive & psy trance... + funky, housey, latin, eclectic uplifting grooves... + spiritual uplifting conscious chillout... and more...

Including sound frequencies, sacred geometry, ritual, conscious imagery... sacred healing energies... Tibetan bowls and bells, didges, drumming, incense, smudging, fluffing, spiritual healing... and more...

At one point we all unite and tune into Love & Light in our circle and beam it out to the area, Gaia and all Beings ~ which we call the LoveBeam ~ so very powerful. This involves breathing & relaxation, guided visualisation and OM with sacred singing bowls and chimes...
There are two Solfeggio frequencies which we attune to - 396 Hz to clear out fear and 528 Hz love vibration to awaken our hearts and bring in the new paradigm!

Expression, Inspiration and Joy
Communication, Support and Healing
Community, Harmony and Connection
Love, Light and Peace
Celebrate Life through music, dance and colour
Communicate through whatever means possible
Support alternative cultures and environmental practices
Let Love flow though us in abundance

As well as doing our own Essense events, on request we organize and perform a musical journey of up to many hours with LoveBeam at other events - even sometimes the LoveBeam on its own - also Essense organizers have other great conscious projects on the go (see below) and Essense performers regularly play gigs through the year - if you are interested in this please get in touch


Many musicians who play at Essense play at OneSpirit which is a weekly Ecstatic Dance gathering in Brixton, LONDON organized by Essense co-founder Jane ૐ Gaia and Amiracle Om...

at The Brix at St. Matthews Church, Brixton Hill, Brixton, LONDON, SW2 1JF

Also many musicians who play at Essense play regularly at DOGA - Dance of Gratitude and Awareness...
at Inspire, the Crypt at St Peter's Church, Liverpool Grove, Elephant and Castle, LONDON SE17 2HH

Essense performers will be at various other events and we will be tuning in especially at each solstice and equinox and at full moons with the intention of healing, love, light, peace and unity for Gaia and all beings...


Saturday 11th August 2012 LoveBeam, Essense DJs and OneSpirit on the Theatre stage at Gaunts House Gathering near Wimborne Dorset...

11-11-11 Gaia Meditations - we gathered at various outdoor Sacred Sites to beam Love, Light, Peace and Unity for Gaia and all Beings...

Saturday 23rd September 2011 Autumn Equinox Ecstatic LoveDance and LoveBeam at Festival of Life in London

Friday 2nd September 2011 Essense DJs played at Waveform Festival...

Saturday 13th August 2011 LoveBeam and Essense DJs on the Woodland Stage at Gaunts House Gathering near Wimbourne Dorset...

Summer Solstice Celebrations and LoveBeams 2011 ♥ - 21st June - we gathered at various outdoor Sacred Sites to celebrate Summer Solstice with synchronized LoveBeams + shared high vibe music, dance, Sacred Sounds, healing and super foods...

Essense Full Moon Spring Equinox Celebration 2011 on 19th March

Saturday 11th September 2010 8 hours of Essense at Waveform Festival...

Saturday 7th August 2010 Essense DJs, LoveDance and LoveBeam at Gaunts House Gathering near Wimbourne Dorset...!/

Saturday 24th July 2010 Essense music, dance and LoveBeam at Indigo Revolution Charity event in Kings Cross, London...

Essense Spring Equinox Celebration 2010
at the Medusa, Brixton

Essense Winter Solstice Celebration 2009
at the Medusa, Brixton

We also performed Essense whole night experiences at Waveform Festival 2009 and COED Hills Samhain celebration 2009 ...

... and we've performed and Lovebeamed at many other events too ...

Thanks to all of you that made it along to our events and gigs...


The Essense collective used to produce a free magazine called 'Essense' in 1996/7 given out at underground parties and festivals and put on great parties called 'Fluoressense' - you may remember them if you were partying in the 90s ... many of the Essense DJs have been DJing since the mid 90s...

The Essense collective has continued to be great soul friends all these years and with massive shifts of energies were guided by spirit to reassemble, together with many new amazing creatives, to further develop Essense, with a spiritual consciousness raising objective which is all powerful in these amazing times... unite and manifest wonders ... the time is now ... great transformation ... the end of an age of fear and disconnection ... as we move into an age of love and connection ... re-connect with soul sisters and brothers ... support each another ... share insights and information ... experience love and unity ... ૐ♥☼


Spirits, Hearts and Minds United as One with Love, Light and Joy... ♥

The LoveBeam works on so many levels... those participating feel love and connection and experience unity and oneness... we tune into Gaia, Spirit and each other... breathe together as One... and Om with Love, Light and Joy for the area, Gaia and all Beings... synchronized focused group intention is phenomenal and its power is not to be underestimated... the effect of the group is more than the sum total of each Being... the more Beings join in the more powerful the effect... and the ripple effect is profound...

Events at significant solar solstices and equinoxes and full moons are in sync with countless Beings and groups all around the world gathering for essential lightwork... Unity meditations... growing in numbers all the time... Love and Light uplifting and healing the Uni-Verse... awakening... and once enough Beings have raised consciousness and new awareness, it is picked up by everyone through common consciousness - the 100th monkey effect... significant transformation of consciousness thus occurs... evolution... re-creation... brilliant and glorious...♥


If you are or know of a group doing similar activities anywhere in the world and would like to have simultaneous events with synchronised powerful focused intentional group meditation... which we call the LoveBeam... we would love to hear from you...


If you are or know of someone who may be able to support Essense financially or have any ideas / leads of funding please get in touch - we will be able to progress much quicker and further with such support... and it would be greatly appreciated by all...


Love and Thank You Thank You for contributing, inviting, participating, shining and more... ૐ♥☼

We are ... star children ... light workers ... way showers ... star seeds ... we are in place ... we are skilled ... THE TIME IS NOW ... ACTION STATIONS ... to fulfill our MISSION ON MOTHER EARTH, GAIA ... inspire a shift in consciousness ... united together ... with LOVE in our hearts ... LET THERE BE LIGHT ... We Are All One ... ONE LOVE ... ૐ♥☼

♥ ♥ ♥ I am ... * most powerful manifestation tool ...

I AM ... star child ... light worker ... way shower ... star seed ... I am in place ... I am skilled ... THE TIME IS NOW ... ACTION STATIONS ... to fulfill my MISSION ON MOTHER EARTH, GAIA ... inspire a shift in consciousness ... united together ... with LOVE in our hearts ... LET THERE BE LIGHT ... We Are All One ... ONE LOVE ... ૐ♥☼

Shine On
(¸.•´ •¸¸.•¨¯` ♥ ♥ ♥ ~*~

♡ ૐ ♥ ☼ L O V E & L I G H T ☼ ♥ ૐ ♡
(¯`v´¯) m ♥ a ♥ g ♥ i ♥ c ♥ a ♥ l (¯`v´¯)
(~_*) ☆ ♥*♥ ★ B E I N G S ★ ♥*♥ ☆ (*_~)