Scaling and Securing Ethereum using PoA Networks

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We're happy to have the Oracles Network ( present and sponsor this an event on Proof of Authority. First, Professor Jeff Flowers ( will give a brief overview of Oracles Network through the lens of a validator. With a strong focus around the roles and responsibilities of a validator within this network and its consensus schema. As this network has been built around a new consensus model, Proof-of-Authority (PoA), this model will also be explored through potential use cases.

John LeGassic ( will talk on the attributes of validators within the Oracles Network: The current issues surrounding blockchain technology are centered on throughput, scalability, and ecological impacts. This talk will outline how PoA network address these crucial topics as well as explore the meta-responsibilities of a Validator in relationship to their duty to act in the best interest of the network.

Moyukh Sen ( will speak on security considerations of PoA networks: PoA networks present a unique security vs. usability tradeoff for a decentralized future. Blockchains present a fundamental secure-by-design paradigm shift that can transform the safety of users, organizations and their assets. We will explore the near term challenges that need to be addressed. A showcase of these topics and more will be demonstrated, including: Proof-of-Physical Address as it applies to identity as well as novel tools for crowd sales.

Finally, Igor Barinov ( will showcase these topics with a demo of Proof-of-Physical Address as it applies to identity, as well as novel tools for crowd sales. Igor is a co-founder of the Oracles Network; he and the other speakers at this event are active members of our meetup.