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Tim Swanson on Distributed Financial Market Infrastructure

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We're very happy to have Tim Swanson speak to us; he was one of the first members of the meetup. Tim is an author [1], advisor to Clearmatics [2], and was Director of Market Research at R3 from 2014-17. Tim will speak on "Distributed Financial Market Infrastructure and the Disintermediation of Digital Assets" and Clearmatics. His abstract follows:

"Why are enterprises interested in blockchains and financial market infrastructure (FMI) and why have most of the proposed designs recreated intermediaries? This presentation discusses some of the history and nuance of what has become vaguer terms over time (e.g., DLT as a marketing term). This includes a few of the problems with mono-implementation architectures . It will also briefly cover what FMIs are and what some of the fintech participants are claiming they can do to change or supplement FMIs. It also presents one model that bridges the research behind distributed, automated processes with the requirements that regulated financial institutions must fulfill. The new term for this is distributed FMI (dFMI), an acronym first coined by Robert Sams and Rhom Ram through the evolution of the USC consortium incubated by Clearmatics. [3]"

We are very grateful to Mindrome [4] for hosting us and the Decentralization Foundation [5] for sponsoring.


4701 Patrick Henry Dr · Santa Clara, ca