What we're about

We are a democratic fellowship for people seeking a rational, compassionate philosophy of life without regard to belief or non belief in a supreme being. We value the importance of living ethical, responsible, and socially connected lives.

Together, we do service projects that benefit the larger community, including cleaning up the Bay, food sorting, collecting items for the homeless, and helping disadvantaged families.

We welcome people from a variety of religious backgrounds. Some consider themselves humanists, atheists, or agnostics. Our emphasis is on what we DO to make the world a better place individually and together.

We discuss ethical dilemmas that arise in our lives, hold programs to learn about ourselves, each other, and the issues of the day. We seek to be fully engaged in the community and the world.

If you seek social events, social action and a socially-minded community, share your passion and join us!

For more information, visit our website at: ecssv.org (http://ecssv.org/)

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Friday AM ethics discussion: What's next? Masks & Vaccinations

How do we interact with others at this point in the pandemic? Wear masks? Indoors? Outdoors? Show up at an outdoor gathering where unvaccinated people will be? Ask for vaccination status of people you see in person? What do we owe those who aren't vaccinated, for whatever reason? How do we balance our responsibility to ourselves with the desire of people to be relating in person?

How do we decide what to do? To whom do we listen? What resources do we trust? Why? Is it emotion or reason that gets us to our decision point?

As the community approaches the possibility of meeting in person, what do we, in this group, want to do at this point? We discussed this a few months ago. This is a fluid situation. What is your position now?

This discussion will be about personal decision making and choices, rather than the political divide around vaccines.

Please join this group. Invite others! Bring your unique point of view and add to the discussion.

This is a VIRTUAL meeting. The link will show once you RSVP. Passcode is ethics.

Assembly Platform: Sources of Hope: Values from Our Past as We Build the Future

This final event of the American Ethical Union's 2021 Assembly is open to all at https://bit.ly/AEUAssemblySessions

This 106th Assembly of the American Ethical Union has addressed “the whole truth about America” where history has been triumphant for some and traumatic for others. How do we understand and reconcile such disparity? As we truthfully acknowledge imperfection and injustice, we also confront challenges that lie ahead and commit to building a more just and humane nation for all. Let us also recognize underlying ethical values that animate efforts, throughout our history, to create “a more perfect union,” to elicit goodness from diverse peoples, to find and demonstrate hope.

We gather today virtually from across the country and around the world, something that was inconceivable when our nation began or when Felix Adler founded Ethical Culture in 1876. Let us envision together and commit to building a nation of equity, decency, and compassion. We will hear from future Ethical Culture Leaders who represent the future and inspire hope as we embrace the tasks ahead.

Anne Klaeysen, Leader Emerita of the New York Society for Ethical Culture
Robert Berson, Leader, Northern Westchester Society
Future Ethical Culture Leaders Greg Bonin, Christian Hayden, Louise Jett, and Sarah Tielemanns
Elizabeth Collier, Chair, AEU Leadership Committee

Music by:
Jason Mandell
Jean Rohe

Coffee & Conversation - Cancelled in deference to the AEU's All Society Platform

We will skip our August 'Coffee & Conversation' session and encourage our members and friends to attend instead the All-Society Platform held earlier in the day (August 8th). That event, the finale of the American Ethical Union's 2021 Assembly, starts at 8:00 AM PDT and is available at https://bit.ly/AEUAssemblySessions.

Our Coffee & Conversation series will resume on September 12th.

Sunday Spotlight - on summer hiatus, back in September

Online event

Our 3rd-Sunday Spotlight series is on hiatus in July and August. 'See you again in September!

Meanwhile, check out the AEU Assembly events going on this summer: https://aeu.org/event/106th-annual-assembly/

For more information about Ethical Culture Society of Silicon Valley, visit our website at: ecssv.org (http://ecssv.org/)

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