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We are a friendly group focused on ethical living, community connection, and bringing out the best in people.  We explore together what it means to live ethically as individuals, in relationships, and in the larger world.  Ethical Culture was founded in 1876 as an alternative to traditional religion.  The focus is on human lives and relationships, rather than theology and ritual.  Our core belief is in the inherent worth and dignity of each individual.  Moved by what we see in the surrounding community, we collaborate to deliver meals and supplies to the Grace Solutions shelter for unhoused individuals in San Jose.  We are a listening, caring, mutually supportive, and fun-loving fellowship.  Learn more at our website, and pick an event here on our Meetup page to give us a try.  Welcome!

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Friday AM ethics discussion: Buy a Ford car knowing Henry Ford was antisemitic?

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Knowing history provides the opportunity to learn from it. The recent Ken Burns series on the Holocaust revealed lots of history. How does learning history impact our actions today? Purchasing a car is just one of many possible choices that might be informed by what we know about history.

When we know about the unethical past of a company or its founders, does it obligate us to act today to reflect those earlier days? Can we forget about then and choose based on today, saying "the past doesn't matter"?

Should we "forgive" a company for its former practices? How is forgiving a company different from forgiving a person?

Please join this group. Invite others! Bring your unique point of view and add to the discussion.

This is a virtual discussion. Link will be visible when you RSVP. Passcode is ethics.
Please be prepared to have your camera on during the meeting.

Coffee and Conversation

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Our Coffee & Conversation sessions are informal, inclusive, supportive gatherings. We just talk about things that are on our minds, things that make for, or detract from, a fulfilling human life in the real world for ourselves and for other people. We listen to each other, share our thoughts, and enjoy the time together. Coffee, tea and goodies provided.

For COVID safety, we will remain outdoors, 6 feet apart. Masks are not required.

Join the conversation!

ECSSV Book Club: Flights of Fancy by Richard Dawkins

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In Flights of Fancy, Richard Dawkins explains how nature and humans have learned to overcome the pull of gravity and take to the skies. From the mythical Icarus to the sadly extinct but spectacular bird Argentavis magnificens, from the Wright flyer and the 747 to the Tinkerbella fairyfly and the Peregrine falcon. But is also about flights of the mind, about escaping the every day - through science, ideas, and imagination.

Suggest a book!! Not too long a read. Choose something available in print, audio, and electronic versions. Please put the title in the comments section or message Ben through Meetup with your suggestion.

All are welcome, whether you have read the book or not. There is much for everyone to discuss and learn.

A virtual meeting. The link shows when you RSVP. If you need a passcode, it is ethics.

Evening Ethics Discussion Topic TBD

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A virtual discussion on an issue related to ethics.

We decide the topic together, if we can, so bring ideas from your life, the news, or history, something that relates to ethical choices.

Please be prepared to have your camera on, a requirement of attending this virtual meeting.

Passcode is ethics.

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Grace Shelter Support: Sack Lunches!

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