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This humanist community meets weekly, and also has special events and other activities throughout the year. We welcome newcomers or visitors of all ages and backgrounds to Meetup with us for any or all of these things, as we work together to make a more just, sustainable and humane society – and enjoy each other’s company.

There are several ways you can participate:

· Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. we gather for “platform,” with a different featured speaker and topic each week, on a wide variety of topics. Our overall theme is how best to live ethical and moral lives, and that doing so does not require belief in a god

· Children’s classes meet each Sunday at the same time as the adults. The Ethical Education program is designed for kids in grades K through 8, and there is also childcare for younger children.

· Charitable and social justice projects (see calendar).

· First Friday Film series features documentaries on a variety of subjects.

· Social gatherings including potlucks, game nights, and secular holiday festivals (see calendar).

For more information, visit our website at http://www.ethicalsocietywestchester.org

Upcoming events (5+)

Nevertheless, She Filmed: What happens when women tell their own stories?

Platform program presented by Tracy Sayre and Katrina Medoff, co-directors of the Women's Weekend Film Challenge. Tracy is an artist and writer and instigator of creative communities and events. Katrina is an actor, writer, and producer as well as editor-in-chief of BORO Magazine. Tracy also grew up in Ethical Culture, so this is a homecoming for her!

First Friday Films - Documentaries that Mean Something

Ethical Culture Society

First Friday Films presents: “POWER TO HEAL” (2018) Director: Charles Burnet; Producer: Dr. Barbara Berney; Narrated by: Dany Glover. Can a government program change deeply ingrained cultural practices? Can a government induce its people to change the way they perceive each other and treat each other? Can a society's values be elevated? For a hundred years, America erected a medical system that required separate facilities for Blacks and Whites and provided unequal and substandard care for Blacks. This is the story of how the federal government under President Lyndon Johnson instituted the Medicare system and made racial integration a built-in requirement of its financing. Hospitals nationwide, including those in the deep South, were integrated in a matter of mere months. This is the startling story of how in the 1960’s America changed nearly overnight to provide integrated medical care and how deeply rooted and seemingly intractable practices were swept away to make a more equitable society. It can be done!

Seeing Tomorrow, Acting Today: How Futurology Can Help Humanists Think And Act

Platform program presented by Govind Nair. How might futures model building inform humanist thought and action in 21st century global society? What specifically can we learn about the scope and limits of ethical action and human agency from scenario building based on data and analytical perspectives from multiple disciplines? This presentation seeks to provoke thinking around these issues using illustrative multi-disciplinary modeling results around three separate issues: demographic change, climate change, and the future social impact of artificial intelligence. Govind was Lead Economist at the World Bank where he served for 25-years in global development research, project management, and capacity building. After his retirement, Govind set up an independent practice as international consultant, trainer, and public speaker. He has led workshops and conferences around the world on business and policy issues related to globalization and aimed at senior leaders in government, private sector, and civil society. Govind is a lifelong humanist and a member of the Northern Virginia Ethical Society, where he has served as a Board member. He was also active in humanist organizations outside the USA. He currently teaches a graduate course in managerial economics at the George Washington University, and Cambridge, UK. Govind is a graduate of Reed College and Princeton University and also studied at the Sorbonne and Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris, France. Outside of the USA, he has been adjunct/visiting faculty at universities in Australia, Asia and Europe.

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