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Everyone deserves a mind that helps them--not a mind that holds them back.
I've worked in the area of psychology for 10 years, and I've learned that the way we relate to our own mind is where we get it wrong.
Let's step up and live with confidence.
I look forward to seeing you at the live events.
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Mind Empowerment Q&A (new time)

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Everyone deserves a mind that works FOR them and not AGAINST them.

This Zoom event is for taking back our mind from small thinking and negative thinking that we pick up from our environments. I've spent 10 years working in social services with several of those years spent working the frontlines of intensive mental health.

Please be ready with your questions. I will answer them in the order they are asked, and we will finish as soon as all the questions are answered or when we hit 7PM, whichever is first.

Past questions have covered topics such as:
-How to be assertive (formulas for making assertive statements)
-How to learn to trust again after a betrayal
-How to be confident in social settings and make conversation

Other appropriate topics include:
-How to become the observer of your emotions rather than the victim
-How to be more logical and less emotional
-How to be more confident at work
-How to become more aware of your communication
-How to handle criticism
-How to not take things personally
-How to think about mortality
-How to filter out other people’s negativity
-How to handle your own negativity
-How to monitor your internal dialogue

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Monthly Mind Empowerment Workshop: Topic TBD

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This is my monthly workshop for Existence First.

Topic will be announced 2 weeks prior to the event.

Previous Topics
May 2022: Assertiveness Training

Class size will be limited in order to maximize participation.

Testimonials from past workshops
“I learned some very useful communication skills from Robert! I’m glad I signed up for this meetup!” -Tina
“Robert is fantastic. He listens well, makes you feel like he relates well to you and gives practical tips depending on your own unique situation. Thank you!!” -Lida
“I learned something new. Thanks.” -Kathy

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Mind Empowerment Q&A

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