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This group offers workshops to raise your level of Life Wellness.

What is Life Wellness?
Physical wellness is when you eat right and exercise.
Financial wellness is when you are on top of your finances.
Social wellness is when you have healthy relationships with others.
Life wellness is when you are content with being alive in this world.

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Social confidence may be the most undervalued skill in today's culture. Human beings are constantly interacting with each other, and while you may prefer to spend a day by yourself rather than being out and about, there will inevitably be moments when we need to call on our ability to be social. So what's holding us back? In some cases, people have insecurities they never got over. What they don't realize, though, is that everyone else has insecurities too. In some cases, people are just introverted. I'd like to point out that introversion does NOT mean shy. However, if you're introverted, then you probably have enjoyed solitary activities more than group activities, and therefore, over your lifetime, you have logged fewer hours in social situations than some of your peers, which means less practice for you. Third, we hold onto a self-image of lacking confidence. If we have this image in our mind when we go into a situation, our behaviors will automatically follow from that image. Last, we carry distorted or false thoughts that are going undetected. For example, we might think that other people are judging us on our clothing, when really it's not even an issue. I, myself, used to be very socially reserved. I declined every invitation to group gatherings. I never went to crowded places. At one point, a licensed therapist even told me I had a social anxiety disorder. However, stronger than any habit I may have is my belief in the possibility of self-growth. Through years of coaching and intentional practice, I have improved my skills tremendously. I've spoken in front of audiences of 400 peoples. I run several successful meetups. I've been promoted into management at my place of employment. The list goes on. One of the reasons for my growth is that for 8 years, I've worked as a case worker in the field of intensive mental health. This means that I understand that the solution to every problem is through the mind. In my mission to help others empower themselves, I'd like to share the lessons I've learned when it comes to social confidence. For a limited time, this class will be free of charge, and I plan to run it every Saturday, depending on demand. All I ask is that you show up with questions and an openness to learn. Meetings will be on Zoom. I don't require that you show video, but I encourage it for the practice. You must be RSVP'd here or I will not let you into the Zoom meeting room. The structure of the class is Q&A with the Q consisting of examples volunteered from the attendees and the A consisting of answers/analysis and discussion. Let's make some progress!

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Online Social Confidence Class

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