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This group offers workshops to raise your level of Life Wellness.
What is Life Wellness?
Physical wellness is when you eat right and exercise.
Financial wellness is when you are on top of your finances.
Social wellness is when you have healthy relationships with others.

Life wellness (perhaps closely related to emotional wellness) is a term I coined to describe that state of inner peace when you are content with being alive in this world.

It helps you answer these questions: Why am I here? How do I live a meaningful life? How do I wake up excited to be alive? How should I live?
Many of us, at one time or another, have fallen into a pattern of going through the motions, while a tiny voice in the back of our mind is asking us, "Is there any point to this? What does it all mean?" That voice is an indication that something is wrong, much like high cholesterol can indicate a lack in physical wellness.

These workshops are an extension of my life coaching company, Existence First. For more information, visit www.ExistenceFirst.com.

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