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Friday Chillout @Orchard Largest Terrace Bar Near Somerset MRT-Ladies Drink $5/-
Registration fees (payable in cash only at registration table @ venue 7pm-11pm): LADIES: S$5/- per pax for a glass of wine (Red/White), beer or soft drink "LOWEST PRICE FOR LADIES" in Meetup and most probably in Singapore for Social Networking in Private (exclusive) Event in Nice Venues in CBD area. GENTLEMEN: S$15/- per pax for a glass of wine (Red/White), beer or soft drink ===== There is no reason why you should spend your Friday Evening at home! Some newbies have posted comments in my events. "Hello! I would like to go to this event. But I am very new to the group. Is it okay to go this event by myself? Thanks! I was there outside but too shy to go inside by myself. Probably just go somewhere in the area. Next time hopefully more guts I'm newbie and do not know anybody. How to start a conversation? hello! am new and haven't exactly tried such meetups so could I ask how do we recognise each other?" There is only one answer to all newbies' comments. Some new members think that they are the only newbies in my events. But IN MY EVENTS, 40-60% OF THE MEMBERS ARE NEWBIES. Even though it is newbies gathering, all are welcome. Friday Newbies Gathering & Mingling is ideal event for you. Come and let us party like there is no tomorrow 1. Ladies Safety Ladies safety is my top priority. Hence, ladies, please feel free to contact me if anyone breaks this rule 2. Private Event This venue (Terrace Bar - Level 2) has been exclusively reserved for my members and their guests. So, do not feel shy or nervous to meet others. Why? Because there are NO STRANGERS here; ONLY FRIENDS you haven't yet met 3. NEWBIES Attention to all Newbies, coming to my event first time. NEWBIES: Get your star stickers @ registration table & mingle with other newbies freely. Question: Hi! I'm totally new and this is my very first time to your event. So I thought of bringing a friend. As a newbie, is there anything I'm suppose to know and do? Who shall I look for? Answer: Hi, welcome to my event. Please do read my page below before coming to my event. 4. Personal Data Protection especially for ladies: Please do not disclose your personal data like mobile no, email address, meetup profile name etc in my event to other members unless you are comfortable with them. Why? 5. Registration Procedure @ venue (Registration, Payment, Drink Coupons, Star Stickers For Newbies & Name Tags) Please register personally for event at the registration counter @ venue on the day of event. For direction to venue, please see Note No: 7 Pay the relevant registration fees IN CASH (S$5/- for ladies and S$15/- for guys) and receive a drink coupon (redeemable at bar counter. Lost drink coupons are not replaceable) and a name tag. NEWBIES: Get your star stickers along with name tags @ registration table & mingle with other newbies freely. Look for Signage “FRANCIS MEETUP EVENT” at the regn table @ venue entrance Please write your name (real or fake) on the blank name tag. Affix the filled-up name tag on your dress, on your hand or your bag. Go to the bar counter and exchange the drink coupon for a glass of alcoholic or soft-drink as mentioned in the event detail Please wear the name tag always during the event with a name (real or fake). Persons without name tags will be requested to leave the event and will not be allowed for future events ===== 6. Venue: Glasshouse by DHM, 260 Orchard Road, Robinsons The Heeren #01-40/ #02-03 Singapore[masked] Terrace Club is the perfect place to chill out with your favourite drinks, enjoy outstanding service After a hard day's job and a few minutes away from your office, whats the best way to end the Day? ~ Chill out and hang out with other members! 7. HOW TO GO TO VENUE: Venue: Glasshouse by DHM, 260 Orchard Road, Robinsons The Heeren #01-40/ #02-03 Singapore[masked] Somerset MRT Station (NS23). Take Exit B. At Exit B (313@Sommerset), turn left and walk straight along Orchard Road. At Traffic Light, cross Grange Road and turn right. You will see "The Heeren" on the other side of Orchard Road. Cross traffic light. You will see venue outside the building, just below big LCD screen. Please do not enter The Heeren. Tell the staff you are coming for Francis Meetup Event @ Level 2. For more detail to venue, view the link below 8. Road map: 9. It is NOT a Business Event It is a social event. Please do not promote any product or service during the event. Hence, members, please feel free to contact me if anyone breaks this rule ===== 10. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Please read updated FAQ page below before coming to my event to have answers to your doubts/worries and to avoid any misunderstanding FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 11. General Terms & Conditions 1. The group or the organiser shall not be held responsible nor liable for any of the guests’ incidents during any meetup organised. 2. Presentation with laptop, ipad or smart phone of products/ services, demonstration of magic, MLM recruitment, Dating recruitment etc are strictly prohibited ===== Late Nite: Going back with a lot of new friends I will be there to meet and greet personally everyone of you Francis Please like my face book page with more than 6,900 likes

Glasshouse by DHM

260 Orchard Road, Robinsons The Heeren #01-40/#02-03 Singapore 238855 · Singapore