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Designing experiences is about more than strategists speculating internally about what might make a product great. Whether it's designing and developing software, mobile apps ( iOS, Android, etc), video games, even physical products or service design, it's critical that we step back, look at the bigger picture, explore the problem space more thoroughly, and think beyond our own spheres of influence by leveraging the people who will use the product or service that our team of makers is creating and folding those users into the product design and development process in order to gain crucial insight. Furthermore, we can leverage the principles of Lean UX/Lean Startup and Agile development practices to design experiments and build testable models using rapid prototyping techniques that let us measure our assumptions in actionable ways, so that we can minimize risk of building the wrong thing by knowing whether we're headed in the right direction. Lean UX is as close as we can get to predicting the future without a flux capacitor.

Learn techniques that help us pursue our target users beyond shallow demographics
Learn how to engage those users in concepts, with techniques and practices that propel us towards the right product, hand-crafted with a human-centered architecture.
Learn what it takes to proactively design for your product's interactive experience before you build it.
Learn how to prove demand for your ideas before you paint any pixels or type a single line of code.
Learn how to eliminate waste and optimize your product planning and strategy.
Learn what valid, external feedback looks like and how to be responsive to it.
Learn how to analyze and balance user needs with business goals and technical requirements.
Learn how to design experiments and measure outcomes in actionable ways.
Learn when to be adaptive when unexpected changes in your users' needs emerge.
Learn why you need to engage in real UX principles to make sure you're building the right products.

Experience designers and strategists have evolved from backgrounds in any of the following: design, development, business analysis, product management, and beyond. All you need is a passion for users, the constant urge to improve their experiences, and a creative mentality towards problem exploration, solution discovery and a fair amount of extroversion, and you can easily evolve into one as well.

Align with us as we re-learn how to learn, or help spread your existing know-how and experience with UX and all that it entails with those who aspire to take part in UX design, and together we can push forward toward the future of product design & development with momentum.

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