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ExpertTalks Sheffield

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Please join us for our second ExpertTalks in Sheffield!

Session One: Organising for Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery requires “a close, collaborative working relationship between everyone involved in delivery” but - as you are probably all too aware - most organisations don’t structure teams (or software) to achieve this.

This talk explores what the communications structures of our organisations really are, and how they should best serve the systems we design? A Continuous Delivery talk with no mention of Continuous Integration, virtually nothing on Deployment Pipelines and a real effort not to mention DevOps (people, teams or mindset!) This is a lot about Organisations and Domains (a definition of the latter will be forthcoming), but mostly it’s about People…

This talk is suitable for anyone involved with software delivery that thinks maybe, just maybe, the organisations they work with are not achieving flow quite as well as they could.

Phil Parker, Partner, Equal Experts

Session Two: Secure at Speed

Security. Speed. Pick one! I’m sure many people feel that way when it comes to building secure software. Security and rapid delivery are seen as opposing forces that can’t be reconciled - but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ll look at three common challenges faced when incorporating security into software delivery and consider a few ways to address them. After the talk, you’ll have a few practical ideas that you can take away and put into practice in your projects.

This is a talk is for anyone that wants to build more secure software without sacrificing the ability to move fast.

Stuart Gunter, Security Practice Lead, Equal Experts

Food and drinks will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there!