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We are a collective of Spiritualists, Therapists, Artists, Healers, Light-Workers, and Open-mined people that care about the world in which we live in and we're networking on how we can make it a better place for all, by sharing our talents, knowledge and experiences with you.

** (If you're an energy practitioner, therapist, life coach, instructor, or know someone with special knowledge/abilities on a subject that you feel that you would like to share or teach with our community, Please contact me and we'll see if we can host you to teach a class or seminar in the coming months!) **

This is a sacred space for a safe community of thought and our doors are open for anyone interested in receiving Or, teaching about Guidance, Artistic Creations, Spirituality, Healing & Wellness with a group of fun loving individuals. Our workshops are about Meditations, Reiki, Healing Circles, Crystal Classes, Spiritual Workshops, How to Connect to Your Guides/Angels, Law of Attraction, Edgar Cayce, Vibrational Medicine, Dream interpretation, Yoga, Spirit Guides, Astrology, Spirits, Nutrition, Numerology, Energy Medicine, Native American culture, Esoteric Knowledge, Orbs, Paranormal activities, Animal Communication, and much much more.

Personal health and wellness does not stop at the physical body, but includes the Mind and Spirit and that health is not an end but a means to accomplishing everything else you want to do in life.

You should join this Meetup group if you are a person who wants to learn how to follow your heart, build your intuition and make your dreams REAL through learned experienced individuals. You should join us if you believe in the power of your Spirit to make your life better and to make the world a better place to live. You should join this group if you want to learn how to love yourself and you want to develop trust and self-compassion in your Spiritual path with your community.

My name is LaMont Hamilton, and I live my life from the inside out. I travel, write and teach because these are what I was born and led to do. I mean this sincerely, these are a few of my Source-appointed vocations and I own them with enthusiasm working 24/7 with individuals around the world to prosper and heal their broken dreams.

I am a Spiritual advisor and life coach with over 40+ years "hands-on" experience. I offer services in healing and in personal empowerment, emotional healing and intuition development. My primary focus is to help you realize radical self-love and radical self-compassion so that you can prosper with manifesting your innermost dreams and passions.

A few of my own current specific physical healing modalities right now include: a Crystal Healing Bed & a Vibro-Acoustics Sound Healing Bed. My mission is to help others to achieve their Wellness & Healing though knowledge and Wisdom.

LaMont (aka Monte) Hamilton


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Unity Church On the Mountain


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